Tuesday, May 22, 2012

why is it?

i have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000 photos (not kidding) since acquiring my nikon D60 in may 2008. my child, who is 11, has probably taken 1000 or so. i hand her the camera. she takes two photos before wandering off and both of them are more brilliantly composed, focused, lit and captured than the 63 i took this evening.

she's a natural.

i am both proud and a little bit envious.

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stephanie said...

Well, she got the skills from someone, j. I have to imagine her being able to take excellent photos is from being surrounded by amazing looking things all the time. She's probably been taking photos in her mind for years. Now they just end up on the computer. I remember a photo she took a long while back of your cat, peeking through a sewing machine...it was brilliant. I hope she keeps it up!