Wednesday, May 02, 2012

iPhone therefore iAm

serenity now
husband took my phone with him this morning. he's sick. he's got a fever. and it apparently affected his brain and he just took the the whole stack of phones that was sitting on the shelf. which included both of his and mine. and it feels like he took my right arm with him. i can't count the number of times i've reached for my phone - to check my calendar, or my email or my words with friends, or to text someone or to check the weather forecast for tomorrow. or most importantly, to take an instagram photo. my whole life is in that phone. i don't know a single phone number. not one. i only know that most of them start with +45, which is our country code. i am totally helpless without my phone. i have officially turned large portions of my brain over to a pretty, shiny piece of technology. and i like it that way!

i mentioned it on facebook and my friends started "liking" the post - like it's somehow funny or fitting that i don't have my phone! arrgh!  this is definitely putting a damper on the week of positivity.


MaggieGem said...

Wow... you've described me to a T! Amazing how we've become so dependant on the technology in our lives.

btw, found you through

celkalee said...

So sorry the man is not well. At my house, a sick man is much more then end of my positive vibe than anything.

I may be one of the last hold outs. I have resisted "phone-pendence" as my son says. So far, so good. However, at my age, with my lifestyle, and my current stubborness, it still works.

Just think how much more you will appreciate your phone when it comes back home. ((smile))

will said...

Luv the iPhone ...there's one problem tho ....people keep calling or texting. I think I'll invent a new app, the one way phone.

Numinosity said...

i don't remember if i L-i-KED your post or not but maybe i did as an acknowledgement rather than a true like. now i understand that it's your i-dentity.
Hop it's going more smoothly for you today. It is scary about not knowing anyone's phone numbers these days isn't it?

xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

I'm not a phone person so when I started reading this I assumed you were going to tell us how delightful your day sans phone had been. Obviously, I was wrong!

Be that as it may, I'm hoping that by the time you read this comment your iPhone will be back with you-- and positivity will be yours again.

Sammi said...

i used to know all my friends phone numbers growing up. i don't now. but all my important numbers are saved on my laptop and on my pen drive, just in case my laptop dies and I know my boss' phone number since he's the person I call the most.

I could totally live without my phone. I actually am going to give it up when my contract is up if I can't renew the way I wish to.