Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gut feelings

photo of frankie's tummy (get it? gut feelings?)
how do you make decisions? do you think things through thoroughly and weigh all of the possibilities? or do you follow your heart? or a feeling in the pit of your stomach? do you take ages? or do you decide in an instant? do you line up all of your arguments and then decide? or do you do it on a whim? does it depend on what kind of decision it is - new house, new spouse, new shoes, what to have for dinner?

what happens when you make a decision in a different way than you're accustomed? when you don't follow your gut like you normally would? or when you do where you normally wouldn't? does it feel wrong and uncomfortable? or does it feel transformative?

changing is hard work. but i think that one thing that doesn't change for me is that my gut tells me the answer that's right for me when i'm facing big decisions. when i don't listen to that feeling in the pit of my stomach, i feel unsettled and just not right. there have been times when i didn't (especially a bad job and a mistake first husband) and i always regretted it. one of the changes i'm trying to make is that i tune into those feelings, listen to them and act on them. doing more of what my gut tells me to do.

the problem is that you can't always explain it. and people do look at you a bit funny when you say, "it just feels right." but i'm learning to go with the flow on that and trust my own instincts. and i'm slowly letting go of a need to explain. and at the age of 45, it's about time...


Spilling Ink said...

This has happened before but I think you just wrote "my" post...

I've been thinking a lot about this lately and I'm like you; I follow my gut and when I don't or can't i worry a lot more and I kind of feel like I betrayed myself.

Usually when I don't follow my gut it doesn't turn out well (including mistake first husband for me too) so like you I'm making peace with not explaining myself and my decisions all the time.

Lost Star said...

Gut feelings have always been followed in my family. At least, my mum always says "go with your gut." So something there must be right.

Anyway, my last gut feeling to quit my job, even if it takes a long time to get employed in something I want to do, is turning out OK in week 3 of it. Time will tell if it was the right course, as nothing has come up yet, but I am MUCH happier for leaving!

I think that as long as you are happy in your decision, even if it is a toughie, or even something like wearing red shoes today, then it will all work out eventually.

Those people who look on your funny are not worth the hassle of explaining your instincts to them. I find them to be the people who are stuck in life.

Thanks for the thoughts today. I'm off to organise some of my own.

Catherine said...

So many sweet kitten photos to look at over here ~ LOVE IT!
Have a happy week!
xo Catherine