Wednesday, November 21, 2012

back to basics

i remember a time when i rushed to my blog to share every stray thought that excited me. or to share all of the good links i came across in the course of my day. things like this - the whole voynich manuscript, online and available for your perusal - maybe you'll be the one who cracks it!

but my blogging is diluted these days by other venues - primarily facebook, but also pinterest (for the pretties i used to share), google+ (where i put links to articles and websites that i want to find again - does anyone bookmark in a browser anymore?), twitter (for the quickie shares that reach a different audience than those i put on facebook). not to mention instagram (i'm julochka there too, look for me) (tho' i mostly post all my instagram photos to FB, twitter and flickr as well). it's all very diluted. and i think i don't want it to be. i want this to be the space which serves as repository of the things which interest me at a particular moment - my memory, if you will. i'm not sure when it changed or how or why, but it did. and i'm going back (well, not entirely, as i do like pinterest as a format - it's what i always wished flickr could be - a place to categorize and save pretty and inspiring images and be able to find them again). and speaking of flickr, is it dead yet? i use it only for my 365 project and as a place to easily retrieve instagram photos for use in blog posts. but i want my blog to be where i store my memories and my thinking and well, my brain. somehow i got away from that.

thoughts like these:

~ what if the voynich manuscript was just someone's art journal and they wrote it in a language of their own, so no one could read it?

handwriting (mine)

~ is handwriting inherited? in my own handwriting i see shades of my dad's and my aunt's. is how i write (scrawl, scribble, whatever you want to call it) mandated there in the very architecture of my hand?

~ this is very interesting - niels peter flint on micro living:

i'm clearly not thinking big enough.

* * *

and as for pinterest, i've decided to share some highlights here. i currently have 98 different boards on pinterest. here are the ones starting with a: art journal/collage and atmosphere. check them out, i guarantee you'll find pretty, inspiring things.


Anonymous said...

I've spent most of this year simplifying my online life by leaving many of the social media you mention here. I still blog and I still tweet.

It's been a bittersweet/liberating experience for me, but it has helped me decide what I consider to be the basics and what I consider to be noise.

That being said, I do think that I may jump back into a few more social media next year. But I'm going to do it in a more precise + curated way. Like you do. So that I feel nurtured, not drained.

will said...

I hooked up with Facebook as an avenue to talk about our local battle w/ the county government. A FB person told me it was a good idea. Sadly the effort didn't produce that much - a few things happened but not enough to keep it up.

I've already gone back to my blog and I've begun dismantling my FB stuff.

I too understand the action is FB and Twitter ... but, after awhile, they simply ring short, empty notes - for me.