Saturday, November 10, 2012

midlife crisis: an update

i told you previously about husband's midlife crisis. and now there's been enough developments that i thought it was time for an update. the roof is on, the electricity was hooked up this week and yesterday, the saw itself arrived.

the part i'm not entirely clear on is why the building had to be quite so large when most of the saw is outside. of course, when it's not in use, it is inside the building, protected from the rain. husband says he'll move the rest of his workshop out there, so i'm thinking it's a good thing.

husband was like a little boy on christmas morning, tho' he looks quite serious here, as he tests it out on a log.

one of his buddies from down the road brought several logs over for him to practice on. he's got to get the hang of it and get it calibrated. sadly, i missed getting a shot of all of the men, standing around, gazing lovingly upon the saw.

here's the back side of it - not as fetching as the front. it's also much heavier than it looks - 285 kilos - it required heavy machinery to lift it into place. the guy operating the heavy machinery, when asked how much we owed him, said, "just let me come by and watch you saw one day." "it's a deal," said husband. that's what's nice about living in the countryside.

i think it's fitting that husband got a swedish saw, since he's half swedish.

another boy toy arrived this week - a new old tractor. you might recall our other tractor, where i asked you to help us name it. i never followed through on the naming ceremony because basically after driving over here, that tractor never started again. that was a bit of a letdown.

but husband is currently outside, scooping dirt around as i write this, so this one works. and it also needs a name - all suggestions are welcome!

i think his midlife crisis is coming along quite nicely.


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Husband looks very into his thoughts while using his new toy. I think BIG RED would be a good name for the tractor! :)

Take care

Tracy :)

will said...

Looking at the capacity of the saw, I bet he'll be considering a larger saw once larger logs are trucked to the mill. that's assuming the availability of large diameter logs.

Are you building a drying kiln or storage sheds for air drying lumber? Stickered logs do take up space.

Logs, planks and boards are heavy. Is there a forklift in the future?

julochka said...

big red might be ok, tho' it's actually a rather small tractor. :-)

julochka said...

@bill first, shut up.

second, glad husband never reads my blog.

third, husband says it takes up to 70cm, so it handles pretty big logs

and yes, drying sheds are in the works. but he thinks the tractor can handle the lifting for now.

will said...

Shut up? Au contraire!

70cm? That's only 27-1/2 inches!

Please look up George Nakashima and look for his beautiful tables.

julochka said...

@bill - our trees aren't THAT big in denmark. tho' the nails thing has me a bit scared. JP says that it would be worse with a circular saw - he thinks it would just wreck the band. but he's also safety-minded, so i imagine he'll take it to heart.

off to google george.

Lost Star said...

Wow. That's pretty awesome. Is he going to build you a sewing barn/room too when he's finished with his?