Sunday, November 25, 2012

the wind is a-howling

the wind is howling outside and it's been raining all day. we had a great afternoon celebrating a belated (and vegetarian) thanksgiving with friends. there was a hilarious game of cranium, which the boys came back and won after the girls (being me and j) utterly failed to guess sabin's brilliant (eyes-closed) drawing of a rainforest. honestly, we deserved to lose. but at least there was a beautiful pie.

25/11.2012 - cranberry pie

tonight was the last episode of the brilliant danish crime show, forbrydelsen (the killing).  an enigmatic ending, especially since they say they won't make another series. but i won't say more as it's just starting in the UK and i don't want to spoil it. suffice it to say it's definitely worth watching. dark and ominous and so capturing the state of society and power today.

24/11.2012 - theatre evening - smilet er den korteste afstand

we went to a play last night - a real live theatre production. it was a two-person performance at mungo park in kolding - smilet er den korteste afstand (a smile is the shortest distance). it was a very good and thought-provoking performance. there's just something about live theatre - it gets at the whole range of emotions in such an immediate and raw way - one that television or even film simply can't. the two actors were very talented - singing, clowning one minute and very dramatic the next. it was a grueling 90 minute performance for them and they took us on an emotional roller coaster ride, and all they had onstage with them was a grand piano. very brilliantly done. we've got to prioritize seeing more theatre in 2013.

quite far from Mexico. #latergram

afterwards, we had dinner with our friends at a mexican restaurant. for some reason i never learn not to eat mexican food at restaurants in denmark. it's always disappointing. and has little or nothing to do with real mexican food, tho' the chicken in my burrito was really good, it wasn't really particularly mexican. there's no spicy kick to it (don't be misled by the pickled jalapeños) and they always put creme fraiche in the guacamole. plus they used parboiled rice - that stuff should be outlawed. but the company was good and it was a very nice evening.

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what's the best thing you've read in 2012?

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oh, i like this blog (in danish). 

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globeonmytable said...

We had the howling wind last night. It was force 11 in sea areas Wight and Dover.

Anonymous said...

Our windy, rainy week has been unbelievable with floods everywhere, thankfully not at our house though.
I must try and get The Killing online if it's started here in the UK.
And we have the same problem with Mexican food here in the UK. Even in London at restaurants that are extremely popular for their supposed "authenticity" they just don't cut it; though I have to say they can muster up a decent margarita, but at London prices I usually can only have just one :(
The pie looks amazing, is it cranberry?

Elizabeth said...

Glad to read that you and J. had a lovely time together.
Have to read the Autentisk landbrug! :)

Enjoy the start of your week.