Tuesday, November 06, 2012

waiting game

6/11.2012 - no boring chairs

i was interviewed about the election live on the radio late this afternoon, during the afternoon drive shift. it was fun. i could get used to that. i have now announced to all of trekantsområde that i am considering seeking danish citizenship if romney wins.

we just had to turn off the television again and i had to close huff post, msnbc and nytimes. i can't take any more. i just want it to be over with. fittingly, i'm reading jon ronson's them - a book about extremists and conspiracy theorists.

however, i'm sure i'll turn it all back on in an hour or so. i am both repelled and attracted. hopeful and in despair. but mostly rather sick to my stomach. it's just a waiting game now.


Anonymous said...

You & me both. This has been emotionally draining to have this kind of vitriol swirling around me all the time. Enough.

will said...

High anxiety. But, the slide to the right has been long and harrowing. Starting the defeat of Goldwater then came the victors: Nixon then Ronnie Raygun then Bush 1 and Bush 2 - that's nearly 30 years of Repug presidents.

During that span we've seen the demise of moderate Repugs, diminished unions, disorganized Dems, religion as a political force and a Country reverting to some sort of xenophobic rightwing nationalism.

There is always hope. That just has to be.

Spilling Ink said...

Soooo relieved to see Obama win!

Unknown said...

It is a good day.....smiles