Thursday, November 22, 2012

giving thanks

tho' the danes have sadly not realized that thanksgiving is the best holiday (they still think it's christmas, which they actually celebrate on christmas eve), i am determined to be thankful today anyway. so i hereby declare that i am thankful for:

~ husband. he's a keeper. (i think i might have mentioned that before.)
~ sabin. i thought i'd be freaked out to see her getting so tall and wearing mascara and hogging the flat iron, and locking the bathroom door, but i'm not. she's exactly the age she should be. and it's a pleasure to see her growing up and thinking for herself. i'm in awe.

~ the kittens. six weeks must be the cutest age.
~ that i've taken a photo every day since may 2008.
~ going to a play with a group of friends on saturday.
~ being involved in my community.

~ horses. they ground me and keep me sane.
~ good books.
~ moments in the kitchen, making good food.
~ staying up late with friends, drinking wine and laughing.

~ ideas, solutions, opportunities.
~ being provoked to think - by the radio, the newspaper, the interwebs, by people around me.
~ new friends. and old ones.
~ creativity that seems to be coming back to me.

~ living the right life.

i wish you all a very happy thanksgiving!

* * *
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Anonymous said...

great things to be thankful for. Those kitten faces are adorable.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I'm thankful for your kittens! :D <3

Molly said...

Funny, I think you're always being wildly creative, just not always sharing the (semi)finished product. Good to be reminded that everyone's creativity ebbs and flows. Mine's also thrumming at the moment, maybe change of season is good?
Happy Thanksgiving!