Monday, November 26, 2012

closing in on 2000

not ordinary kittens
this is teddy. he's frankie's little brother - isn't he adorable?
before the year is out, i will write my 2000th post here on mpc. i'm not sure precisely when it will happen, but it seems like something worthy of celebrating. what do you think, how should we celebrate? a giveaway? a virtual party? a contest as to when it will be? i welcome any ideas!

* * *

it's hard to believe that i'm closing in on another year completed of my 365 photo project - i started formally in 2010, but looking back over my various iPhoto libraries, i actually began taking photos every day when i got my nikon d60 back in may 2008, i just didn't realize at that point that it was a project. that's a lot of photos. and i intend to keep going - it's a great way of remembering what was happening when. and it also means i've always got photos for my blog posts.  but best of all, it makes me take at least a few minutes every single day where i am totally aware of my surroundings and in the moment - the moment of the click of the shutter.

* * *

remember that post i did with a bunch of close-ups of my friend's beautiful embroidery piece? well, i was there again on sunday and managed to get a shot of the whole thing!

embroidered tapestry

* * *
the g boards on pinterest: gaga for garlands. garden bounty. gardens. gone fishin' (another favorite visually). great graphics.

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will said...

To celebrate, let's all show up at your place and do a Woodstock.