Saturday, April 26, 2014

dinosaurs will be trolls

hmm, i've been blogging for nearly ten years (tho' there were periods of dormancy), and i've been blissfully fortunate not to have any serious encounters with online trolls. perhaps the limited reach highly awesome, select audience of my blog is the main reason. but whatever it is, i feel fortunate. especially after quite a shockingly trollish series of messages from a fan of my favorite plastic bricks via facebook. yikes! trolls are no fun. (i do realize i've used a photo of a dinosaur, so my metaphor is a bit clouded, but it's what i had at hand.)

at the same time, it was an oddly fascinating experience. this individual made a whole lot of crazy assumptions which he threw my way and then, despite my polite tone, in which i actually thanked him for giving me insight that was useful for my work, he blocked me. hmm. i wonder how that works? but however it works, i'm actually good with it, tho' a little bit of me wishes i'd have thought to block him first.

oh well, trolls will be trolls and dinosaurs will be dinosaurs and the odd dinosaur will probably even be a troll. and it's no good losing sleep over it. it really was a valuable insight into a certain type of fan and for that, i'm strangely grateful.


Hairy Caveman said...

I always thought the reason a troll existed was for the verbal mudslinging and a reaction from whoever they've decided to pick on. The fact they blocked you means they are either the world's stupidest troll (that's against very strong competition) or they're a coward-troll who dishes out the crap but dare not take any back. Either way you're right not to lose sleep over one of the Internets saddest specimens!
Kind regards, Brian.

julochka said...

thank you, Hairy Caveman. He was indeed a weird troll. I think he was afraid I'd answer after he was a big, fat jerk (this all happened via private message on Facebook), hence the block. Honestly, I've not given it much more thought other than to laugh at it.

Sammi said...

one thing i have learnt about blogging- this time around at least- is that you should *NEVER* feed the trolls.