Thursday, April 10, 2014

what if?

what if....

~ you decided to let the petty irritations (irritators?) of life just wash over you? and decided not to react to them, but to just feel your reaction and go with the flow of it.

~ you gave people another chance, even if you were ready to write them off? and you actually tried to see the good in them, as difficult as it may seem?

~ what if the reason you were writing them off was largely due to how they looked? (and how shallow would that be of you?)

~ you could learn something from the experience?

~ those challenging people were placed in your path for a reason? even if you couldn't really see what that reason was. and you just trusted that it would become apparent with the fullness of time?

~ being able to to react differently meant a new beginning? and a new approach to life? and a new deeper sort of happiness?

i stayed up to 'til the wee hours discussing exactly this with a good friend the other night. it was precisely what i needed at that moment. amazing how you find your way to precisely what you need when you really need it. now to just remember it when the time comes. it's so easy to just revert to your fallback patterns and ways of reacting. but i think that this time i'm so interested in seeing what happens if i change that i'll remember our talk.

aside: i wish i could find my way to a lightheartedness with such posts that i once had. i wonder what's happened to it? i feel so deadly serious when i sit down to write these days.  i'd like to be fun again, but i can't seem to find my way out of the earnestness at the moment. i'm not sure why that is... but rest assured it's even more annoying to me than it is to you.


Molly said...

I have the opposite problem: the more deep 'n serious I'm feeling the more frivolous my posts become.
Let it 'just wash over you' - it's a phase.
Great post!

Unknown said...

You've done well ...doing a stream of consciousness for all these years. Blogs have arcs ... beginnings, middles and ends ... and it's the rare person who can word-surf for a decade.

As I recall, from the beginning you've said you were blogging as a cheap form of psychoanalysis ...which then means your stories and POV should evolve. Your earnestness is who you are at this moment. Let it be, tomorrow's synaptic experiences will cause different trends.

Lisa-Marie said...

My mum always said - If you can't change it, don't waste energy being angry at it - use the energy for good'.

Re the seriousness - me too. Even when I'm writing about lighthearted stuff. I think we might use up the lightness on instagram/twitter.

miniARTtour said...

I love Lisa -Marie answer .. I think in doing good things is more power .. which last for a long time

Bianca said...

Ooo, I like this subject. You don't have to write people off, but it wouldn't hurt to let people be who they are. Live and let live. When I got ill, this became much easier for me to deal with, as time was more precious than ever before. People simply faded away from my life. I didn't push them out, I'm still happy to see them when I do, but I lost my sense of obligation towards them. Effectively, the ones that respected my limits stayed. Not too bad, I think.
Don't think about it too much; life's too short for that. :-)

xxx said...

If i have been unkind
I hope that you can just let it go by
If i have been untrue
I hope you know it was never to you
Siger Leonard Cohen I Bird on the wire
- som jeg tilfældigvis hører lige nu

Sandra said...

I've always felt you are too hard on yourself. I know you to be a good and kind person, and I'm not easy to please! Be glad you can write and realize earnestness is not a bad quality.