Wednesday, April 23, 2014



...the birch pollen is bad right now. my allergies are much better than they once were, due to eating loads of honey made by our own bees, but the birch pollen gets me every year. this year, with a dull headache that i can't shake (in addition to the usual itching throat and watering eyes).

...that it requires a whole new language to even read about minecraft, let alone play it.

...sometimes, it just feels like you're herding cats. and even if you love cats, that's not an easy task.

...that saying how busy you are and how packed your calendar is as a marker of your importance does not impress me. nor does it actually make you important.

...that i have, without my knowing, suffered a loss of confidence. i'm more tentative and less sure than i used to be. i wonder if this is simply a consequence of being older and wiser or if i've actually truly lost something that i cannot regain. i used to go so boldly through the world and now i feel i tread more lightly. this is both good and bad. puzzling and a bit frustrating. but also fascinating somehow.

...that walking out into the yard and feeding the animals is my favorite part of my day. and honestly, my days are pretty filled with good things, so that must be awesome.

* * *

have a look at what my boss says about co-creation.
(have i mentioned that i love my job?)

and this review of the new lego brickumentary, which just debuted at tribeca, is funny.


Molly said...

That cat shot is exceptionally wonderful, I'd buy a print of that!
I think the loss of confidence thing is temporary, and if you think how wildly you've been flung out of your comfort zone and into something new recently is it any wonder you're feeling a bit more tentative? I think it would be weird if you weren't ;-)

rayfamily said...

I think I have grown more cautious too. Maybe it is getting older and wiser ;) or maybe it is a result of focusing so intently on living simpler, that thrown into the hustle bustle is a bit of a shock to the system. I've been trying to do some things that push my comfort level, and you have a wonderful new job that seems to be the perfect combination of challenge and creativity :)