Saturday, April 05, 2014

meet bacon & bacon

this is bacon & bacon. we decided to name them that so that we don't get too attached and so that we remember what it's all about.

but i suspect it's going to be awfully hard not to fall in love with them. just a little bit. they're curious and funny and make all sorts of cute pig sounds. and just look at those little ears! and that expression. *sigh*

they are just so cute, one with ginger spots around her eyes and the other with a big black spot on her side.

they're as happy as can be in their new pen. there's lots and lots of weeds and even a few old potatoes to dig up and eat. i'm sure they'll have it cleaned up very nicely by the end of the summer. at least we hope so. it must have been a pretty stressful day for them, being taken from all of their friends, loaded into a trailer and brought to our house, because they've been napping all afternoon in the straw in their little pig shelter. poor little dears.

we got them from a nearby farmer who raises organic pigs that get to live their lives out in fields. we paid a little bit more for them than we would have from one of the big indoor pig operations, but we wanted to know they'd already had a good life, just the few weeks they are into it. and we definitely intend to let them continue that good life, at least until it comes time to make bacon.


Kristen In London said...

Oh dear, it's going to be perilously difficult to follow the adventures of The Bacons. I love them in their present state, but... I also love bacon. Enjoy.

Sammi said...

OMG, awesome!!!

how long do you raise them for before you slaughter them? they look beautifully healthy. are you making black pudding? oh my. i am so jealous. i really want a piggy pet, but i also want piggy's for bacon like you're two!

Magpie said...

oh! the ears! the glowy pink ears!