Thursday, April 17, 2014

little pigs

we are getting such a kick out of the pigs. they come running up, curious and sweet, when we come out. bacon here had to snuffle up to my shoes to see if they were something to eat.

they run up, but then they also run away, squealing if you make the slightest movement, so they're both drawn to us and repelled. it's really very cute. sabin ran laps around their fence and they followed her on the inside, a bit like dogs, actually, squealing and kicking up their heels in absolute delight.

sabin crouched down and they immediately came up to her.  my favorite is the one with red around her eyes, just because she looks so cute. i'm thinking of changing her name to truffle and teaching her to find them so that we can keep her forever and ever. the one with the black spot on her side is the alpha pig, despite being slightly smaller, but overall, they get along great.

it's amazing how quickly our resolve to eat them come fall weakens in the face of their sweetness, curiosity and intelligence.

we're already discussing letting them be our mama pigs that we keep and raise piglets to eat from. i suggested that to husband and a look of relief flashed across his face. he's falling for them just as much as sabin and i are.

here truffle had to run away from sabin because she got scared of nothing at all. they run a little ways away and then turn and look and immediately start cautiously to come back.

truffle. i think that's a good name for her, don't you?


Sammi said...

you're gonna keep them like charlotte's web :D

totally discussed with my friends that you' called them bacon and bacon, and whilst i am sad they're not both called that anymore, they suggested they should have been called "pork" and "chop". i think "black" and "pudding". hrmph...

rayfamily said...

I can see the difficulty. We have talked with the kids about having a mama that is our pet, but the babies we raise for to speak. It is a journey!

lassie said...

Oh, what a relief... I adored this blog for the dreamy photographs of scenes of peaceful Danish country life, etc., but since the "meet bacon & bacon" post, I've been too afraid to visit until I braced myself for a peek just now.