Monday, March 24, 2008

apropos stories

from march 21:

i continue to ponder the story possibilities that lie in my own life. writing them into fiction might be a wonderous way to explore the path not taken. what if the choices had been different? the lived life would surely have been different as well. or would it? would it end up the same place anyway—what is the role of free will? i think from having been raised presbyterian, the question of free will/destiny underlies my thinking rather significantly. combining this with notions of memory, recognition, absence and i find that i can’t sleep from thinking about it. to create characters, to think about their motivations and actions—i find the possibilities thrilling.

yesterday, i was reminded that a person’s life can be radically different than it appears to be on the surface. that their inner, hidden life can be something else entirely to what it looks like to the outside world. a character is building in my mind, one that will enable me to explore this possiblity. i think i will write and see where the writing takes me.

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