Monday, March 24, 2008

on not being online

during my time offline, i still wrote blog postings--it's become such a habit, i felt compelled to do so. this one from march 20:

not being online doesn’t actually make me stop thinking of topics to blog about. so i thought i’d write them up in word and then I’ll be able to post them when I’m back online.

it’s an odd feeling, this not being online. it’s amazing how second nature it has become to BE online. and how useless i feel the computer is when it’s not online. if i can’t tap into the web, it feels like i might as well not use the computer at all. but, there are many other uses that don’t require you to be online. printing. writing. fiddling with pictures. scanning. none of this requires that one is online. so why does it make me feel so lost and isolated?

at the same time, i can feel that it’s good for me not to be online so much. i do other things. i draw. i write in my journal. i work in my art journal. i work on the presentation i’ll give at the beginning of april in norway. i work on the profiling plan for my new department. i knit. i cook. i read. i paint the closet doors. i sort through sabin’s outgrown clothes. i fill bags with stuff to donate. in short, i actually have a life. and i wait for all the cool stuff i’ve ordered when i was online, and i stop ordering more things (which is a undoubtedly a good thing).

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