Sunday, March 02, 2008

this makes me happy...

thinking about what makes me happy (for the next time when i'm feeling down and want to remember). these are not necessarily in order.

  1. lots and lots of art supplies
  2. watching sabin dig into the art supplies with her whole being
  3. husband's drive to get household projects done
  4. having something to look forward to...can be anything from a new job (this week!) to dinner guests to my writing house in the garden to our building project being finished, the mailman's arrival
  5. having airline tickets in my possession (i currently have 2 sets, so i'm doubly happy)
  6. ruins
  7. shades of blue and green
  8. my beautiful, colorful yarn
  9. good chick music (sheryl crow, alanis morissette, regina spektor, feist...)
  10. my iPod(s)
  11. cooking some really fabulous food
  12. my new juicer
  13. a fragrant, hot, steaming, bubble bath, surrounded by candles and in which i sip a glass of wine and read a good book
  14. clean sheets
  15. the laundry being done on sunday night
  16. the red retro smeg refrigerator i'm getting soon
  17. henry kloss radios (even better if they dock an iPod)
  18. bouquets of flowers from my own garden
  19. sitting out in the circle in the garden on a sunny day with the sunday paper and a big pot of tea and breakfast on a colorful tray
  20. laughing over a good story

this feels like a good exercise. to think about the positive. it's so easy sometimes to think about the negatives in life. to get bogged down in some petty little things. but really, there are plenty of great things on which i can better spend my energy. so, i think i will.

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