Sunday, March 09, 2008

sunday yarn

these are the lovelies i snagged at posh yarn today. i think it's my best "do" ever--i was so ready when the site when live at 8 p.m. (my time) and i wasn't denied anything that i wanted in my pre-scoping. and in case you're wondering whether i can knit yet or not...i cannot. BUT, i found out that my next-door neighbor can and she's going to help me this week! so i shall soon be worthy of this stash. and it is indeed a lovely stash. one to be proud of, in fact. i'm definitely going to need a bigger basket.

tosca (lei--that's the one with bamboo--super soft!!)

surf's up (lei--again, with the bamboo)

vegas (lucia)

tapestry (emily)

space cowboy (lucia)

these are going to make some seriously lovely socks. either that, or they will look excellent in my yarn basket on the dresser at the top of the stairs. but i will learn to knit and i will knit socks from these.

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