Saturday, March 08, 2008

jonesing for juice

i went to oslo on wednesday night and came home on friday night. that was a little over 48 hours away from my juicer. not good. i could feel my cells crying out for the direct hits of vitamins to which they had grown accustomed in just a few short days. on thursday afternoon, i did manage to find a juice bar where i got a fix, but even that wasn't quite the same as feeding carrots and apples and other yummy things into my own machine. i wonder if they make a portable model that would fit in my suitcase?

other than jonesing for juice, it was a good couple of days in oslo. oslo strikes me as, strangely enough, more city-like than copenhagen. it could remind a bit of glasgow (which i mean as a compliment). there seemed to be more visible diversity on the streets than there is in copenhagen. copenhagen is crawling with "foreigners" too, but they're all swedes. the danes have better shoe fashion than the norwegians tho', i have to give them that.

it's always interesting, going to a new city and learning your way around. i always have a strange feeling that i don't want to learn it too quickly. i want to retain that feeling of anticipation of something new around the next corner. i like it when the city keeps some secrets from me that i can discover later and be surprised by. but it do prefer that the public transportation is easy to figure out, that's one secret i don't want a city to keep. the things i like to discover slowly are restaurants or wonderful shops full of colorful, unusual things, or parks or tucked away cafés serving chai lattes and sandwiches stuffed with brie and peppery rocket leaves.

i always think about how the discovery can happen only once. there is only one first visit to a place. you have only the one chance for the first impression. after that, it's over and it's somewhere you've been. somewhere that you know something about.

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