Thursday, March 13, 2008

what is the world coming to?

my newspaper today has a special section on "business courses." featured in 30x30 format, is a giant picture of a guy who is supposedly diving his way to better leadership. (yes, you read that correctly. diving.) he's learning to control his breath and thereby his management skills. what? are people really buying this? is this some kind of a joke? sadly. i fear it is not. where is the critical journalism today? who could have seen this ridiculous idea and said, hey, "let's devote a cover and two whole pages inside to this completely absurd idea." or maybe they're just seeing how far they go before people say, "stop." but i fear that no one is saying "stop." people are apparently so desperate for something to grab onto that they think, "hey, if i could just breathe, i would be a better manager, i need to go on that course." why not just be good at your job? why not just surround yourself with good people, listen to them and then make decisions based on your own common sense. why do people need some kind of lifeline to hold onto? is it because everyone has a manager title today, including the garbage man? are we really so insecure? is it because religion has faded? do we really have so little to believe in? is there such an innate drive to believe in SOMETHING in us that we grab at completely ridiculous straws such as this? i think it's a worrying trend but i'm at a loss as what to do about it. just wait for the latest management trend to be stability, stability, stability as opposed to constant change. maybe that would make everyone feel more secure.

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