Thursday, January 21, 2010

the jewels of 1000 posts

this is it, number 1000. yes, i've posted 1000 times here on moments of perfect clarity, some were admittedly moments of less clarity than others, but there have been a few gems. at least to me. so, at bee's suggestion, here is a rundown of what i - purely from a subjective, personal standpoint and at this particular moment in time - think are most representative of my blogging voice, the jewels, as it were:

~  force of nature - september 24, 2004
~  seriously - february 20, 2008
~  observing or judging? - march 28, 2008
~  the disconnect between chemicals and products - april 24, 2008
~  murakami moment - may 29, 2008
~  italian for beginners - may 10, 2008
~  keeping my vibe down - june 20, 2008
~  a day i'll never have back - august 26, 2008 (if you follow no other link, this is the one)
~  tangobaby for president - october 23, 2008
~  teasing meaning and significance from the chaotic stream of daily contingencies - november 9, 2008
~  a supposedly fun thing... - december 27, 2008
~  i don't look like who i am - january 29, 2009
~  what are you gonna remember? - february 27, 2009
~  i love lucy - february 19, 2009
~  a wtf? wednesday experience - march 11, 2009
~  monday lessons - march 16, 2009
~  on why i'm all about the lower case - april 16, 2009
~  the zone - april 30, 2009 (by popular demand)
~  #700 and advice on getting there - may 28, 2009
~  in which she worries about the future - may 7, 2009
~  blog camp anyone? - may 5, 209
~  secret 8 - ooo, i'm drivin' my life away - july 8, 2009
~  there's something about a shipyard - august 29, 2009
~  documentary photography - november 12, 2009

hmm, noticed a few things here:  all of my funniest posts involve ikea. i can also see that photos became increasingly important to me as the blog developed. most early posts don't even have photos. but i guess it has gotten easier to upload and share photos since 2004.

i've thought a lot about what to do to celebrate but after the total crap day i had yesterday, all the wind went out of my sails and with it all hints of inspired creative thoughts, so i'm afraid the best i can come up with is free shipping on everything in my etsy shop 'til the end of january. so if you've been hesitating because the danish shipping charges are so high, please hesitate no more.


Tin (ni Johann) said...

Congratulations on hitting 1000 posts!

I've really enjoyed reading your entries and have been inspired by your wonderful creations.

Looking forward to reading the next 1000!

sas said...

congratulations - this is a wonderful milestone :)

Kim said...

Congratulations and celebrations (and it was a proper post too! I am impressed)
I hope that you have a glass of bubbly or your fave tipple this evening.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

One Thousand. Mille. You are amazing. MOPC and your authentic voice brought me to the blogging world and I'll be forever grateful. I plan on reading every post listed, though most of them from March 2009 on I've seen.

My personal two favorites that jump to mind are (don't remember the title) when you were "in the zone" and "Blog Crush: The Fragrant Muse". (Shameless, ain't I?) I look forward to reading the next thousand.

julochka said...

thank you dahlings---and thank you, elizabeth for visiting all those links and commenting on them!! that's really above and beyond, but much appreciated! :-)


Anonymous said...

That's very impressive! Congratulations, and here's to many thousands more!

mel said...

Wow, 1000. That's completely inspiring (and exhausting to think about - I think I may need to go back to bed now). I just clicked through to a couple... And smiled, and thought some, and cried at another. So glad to have found your blog, I enjoy your writing so much - I look forward to digesting the rest of those great posts, and continuing to read your new ones.

*jean* said...

wow!! that is really something! i love your photo...sweet face is your most precious jewel, i'm to read posts!!

Lynn said...

Congratulations! I'm still fairly new at this blogging thing, just starting in September of 2009, and yours was one of the first blogs I read. I love it. And I love the crafty things you do. For some reason, I didn't know you had an Etsy shop, though. I popped over there, hoping to find some of your hangy dangly things with the beads and felt. Would you consider putting some of those up? Whenever I see photos of them on your blog, I drool!

Miss Footloose said...

I've only been following your blog for a short time, but love your photos and creativity. And you've been at it for years - 1000 posts! An inspiration for us all!

I sorely regret not taking more and better photos as I was living all over the world so I could have them to better illustrate my own posts. I'll have to be more creative and now learn to use my camera better.

Keep on blogging the next 1000!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

What a beautiful celebration!

Congratulations and thank you for bringing your voice and creativity to the world!

Char said...

congratulations Julie. i'm so glad i found your little corner of the world and i appreciate your world view.

i hope to read 1,000 more.

Ju said...

Well done. That is an achievement and an amazing commitment.
And I LOOOVE that picture above. said...

What an incredible milestone... 1000 posts! Congratulations! So glad I found you.

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! i always love visiting your blog.

julochka said...

thanks everyone for the well-wishes! i'm really glad you're all reading!! i do love the blogosphere.


Mari Mansourian said...

wow... congrats J, i know you were a definite inspiration to me when i fist started blogging, can't wait to come back with more time and go through the posts you mention,
hope your day is better today

Marilynne said...

I have you on my RSS Feed so I can easily read you every day. Congratulations on your 1000 post. I'll bet every one of them is a jewel.

Andi said...

And a BEAUTIFUL 1000th post it is! Brava!

Eva said...

Congrats on such a great accomplishment! I'm only a quarter of the way and I know that's a lot of blogging.

And, that's a beautiful shot!

Katea said...

Beautiful photo! Congratulations on the big 1000. Reading your blog is often the best part of my day and I am thankful for you and these posts.

An Open Heart said...

I'm with Fragrant Muse, I loved the "zone" post, but the one I loved most was about writing is the new praying....congratulations on your do have a unique and FABULOUS voice.


Joanna Jenkins said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Congratulations. 1000 posts is huge! I take my hat off to you.

I'm bookmarking this post so I can come back and read all your faves.

Congrats again!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post! WOW! And great idea to celebrate!

prashant said...

congratulations - this is a wonderful milestone

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