Wednesday, January 27, 2010

snowstorm leads to thoughts of spring

most of today, it was like this outside:

i actually took this shot from safely INSIDE the house, tho' i did have to have the window open wide. but only briefly.  anyway, thanks to this, i stayed inside all day, drinking tea and pursuing all sorts of goodness on flickr. i love to make mosaics and see what it is that's catching my eye. as you can see, i'm a little bit in need of fresh, bright spring colors:

1. Allium Flora journal cover design, 2. Mum's quilt finished!, 3. Whit's Knits: Crocheted Stash Basket, 4. Florida Postcard, 5. Linen, 6. ~Sea Green~, 7. oh ... frost, 8. Garland, 9. Shallow Sea, 10. naturally dyed rug yarn, 11. Blossoms Series. (zoom in), 12. Drawing for tiny wee embroidery, 13. Monsters!, 14. pillowcase stack..., 15. felted rock, 16. favorite yarn supply sources..., 17. crochet trims on pillowcases..., 18. Raspberry Marmalade Quilt - rolled, 19. Eeeee! , 20. Hexagon WIP, 21. IMG_8987, 22. case sheep, 23. beautiful words, 24. 'The Carousel' (detail), 25. Journal

1. Purples and lilacs hand crocheted all natural fibre blanket. Available for order in your colour preferences. Can be couriered., 2. First Three Eggs Of Spring, 3. Almofadinhas pra cadeira, 4. my paint of choice., 5. the sea and herself , 6. new work, 7. night vision (2), 8. Untitled, 9. Babette blanket, 10. Placemats, 11. detail02, 12. Handspun☆Extremity pop V neck sweater!, 13. Nook., 14. embroidered and appliqued felt flowers, 15. Oh 1, 16. square dance, 17. Roundabout Quilt, 18. Robots, 19. handmaiden camelspin, 20. My Rainbow Scarflette, 21. All the colours of the rainbow, 22. robot family pictures, 23. Birds of a Feather, 24. Untitled, 25. 19:365

i also spent quite some time trying to use this tutorial (recommended by spud), to crochet a fancy granny square. my failure to do so is not a reflection of the tutorial. nor is it from a lack of really good yarn that is totally suitable for said granny squares:

but, tomorrow is another day and i shall eventually succeed. or else move on to something else that i actually am able to do. like spend hours and hours looking at beautiful things on flickr.


Char said...

i want flickr time..i do.

beautiful color

Tara Thayer said...

that snowy photo of yours is stunning, julie.
i'm in need of a snow day, myself.

Elizabeth said...

Yesterday, slot of snow
Today icy-roads
Thank you King of Winter.

I hope that the Princess of Spring will be born soon.

Zuzana said...

Fortunately, we got only rain, but it froze over in the night and made for an interesting drive to work.
Love your mosaics with all the colours, I love colours in winter. Right now I am dressed in pink and magenta form top to toe, just to avoid dressing in black as everyone else in Denmark in winter.;)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Lovely contrast between the grey cold snow and the brilliance of color that you have surrounded yourself with!

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the color and your creations - it makes me own grey scene a bit brighter!

Bee said...

I'm just drinking in those spring colors. I keep looking for green shoots in my garden . . . but maybe I should be looking on flickr instead?

My big project for the week has been setting up C's version of the Blue Room. ;)

Magpie said...

I love those collages too - so many wonderful ideas.

khristian a. howell said...

thanks for this wonderful punch of color!! so much inspiration!

Barb said...

The colours in your home are breathtaking. Please keep posting these shots ~ they take me away to a colourful world at the end of the rainbow. WOW!