Monday, January 11, 2010

next steps

i didn't really think that much about how i'd feel when the house was sold. and although the paperwork isn't all signed and agreed, we have an offer and it looks like we can agree to it. so it seems that for all intents and purposes, it is sold. and i feel at once excited and happy and eager and a bit sad and wistful. and wondering how it will all fall into place.

it seems that newly white hallway did the trick.

* * *

strangely, my iMac went all weird this evening and i'm in the midst a total reinstall. thank goodness for backups on the Time Capsule. tho' i'll lose the photos from the past couple days, since i turned off the backup three days ago, when i was tired of the noise one day. not sure what went wrong, but i'm hopeful that all will be well when the reinstall is complete. lesson 1: back up your computer! lesson 2: make sure you have a macbook pro along with your iMac so you're never computerless. :-)


Indiri Wood said...

Congratulations on selling the house! Still, I'm a little sad I won't see it in person, especially the blue room. :(

So does this mean you're going to look more seriously at the house near the statues?

Char said...

congrats on the sale!! how exciting.

sorry about the computer though. i thought they never crashed.

kristina said...

congratulations on selling the house!! so exciting!

I hope your iMac has a speedy recovery!

Barb said...

I always have mixed feelings about selling a house. I even cried over the last one. But it's a great feeling to sell. So congrats!

rxBambi said...

I was sad about leaving my last one too, but we had to move when we got married because neither one of our houses would fit 8 people. I'm sad I won't get to see the blue room in person too, but I'm sure you'll do wonders with your new space. Congrats!

Lisa-Marie said...

Congratulations! I am excited for you, you shall be having a new-house adventure!

I will be interested to see it as you make it your own, and also what creativity comes from the process!

An Open Heart said...

Wooo Hooo! Congratulations! Just one more step in the new direction you are heading!


Anonymous said...

we are planning a major rebuild this year. i am not sure how i would feel having to knowck down the entire house.

congrats on getting your sale.

Elizabeth said...


Jelica said...

congrats! i'm glad the new white hallway did the trick, even if that mean getting rid of balkan design :)))

Zuzana said...

I understand your mixed emotion, as with everything in life, once it ends, we feel a sting of melancholy.