Thursday, January 07, 2010

rearranging in the blue room

blue card translation: "one has an opinion until one blogs a new one"
the pink one, i think everyone can read
green card translation: "'god is dead' - nietzche 'nietzsche has just been erased from facebook' - god"

as soon as i felt better yesterday, precisely 36 hours after beginning to feel sick, i went on a cleaning and tidying frenzy in my studio, aka "the blue room." blog camp approaches and it needed a good tidy. i changed out the things that were hanging on my inspiration wall and so now these postcards, which i picked up in a café not long ago are there. i thought they were all pretty clever. also changed out the MOO cards, putting up some different ones.

but the biggest project was sorting and folding my fabric stash and making some "shelves" for it out of the wooden crates that our weekly organic veg comes in. since we are, after all, making an effort to consume less this year, it seemed like it would be good to put those boxes to use. you can see them beneath the iPod HiFi. makes it MUCH easier to assess the color ranges when it's all visible like this.

i think you can actually learn quite a lot about your taste when you organize your fabric and see it all in one spot. i tend to like bright, fresh colors (lots of teals and greens, surprise, surprise) and rather scandinavian prints on white. and i've bought a lot of fabric in ikea.

and i finally hung up the little copper whirling dervishes i bought in istanbul last october. aren't they sweet? and they have a little evil eye bead to ward off any bad vibes that might try to get into the studio.

i'm working on my blog camp prezzies today in between getting some letters ready to go about my freelance writing business (yup, i'm available for writing assignments if you know anyone who has a need, especially someone who wants to tell stories about ships).

#1 in the 2010 year of creativity
a little viking ship stamp carved from an eraser.
i forgot how much fun it is to carve stamps!

#2 - cloth goody bags for blog camp 3.0
i won't spoil the surprise by telling what's going in them.

ok, i'd better get back to work. i'm not quite done out there. hope you're enjoying your thursday. the giant ball of fire (what's it called again? the word has fallen from use around here) actually put in an appearance in the sky today, so my spirits are lifted considerably.

picture inspired by spudballoo's far superior pylon picture.
these aren't really pylons so much as the light poles on the street in front of our house.
taken at 9:20 a.m. this morning. (thanks char, for asking whether it was sunrise or sunset.)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That full shot of the whole It's gorgeous. The room I mean. (but the photo too!). I hope you don't mind but I'm saving it to my personal (offline) inspiration folder... just stunning!

Char said...

beautiful sunrise?/sunset?

great re-organization.

i'm quite the slug today and not witty at on that.

Gwen said...

I thought blog camp was in Switz this time. Oh well. Maybe next one. :)

Gwen said...

Damn. I also meant to say that I always love pictures of your studio which I adore and envy in equal measure

Shokoofeh said...

I adore that bag!
And I want to be in blog camp... sigh...


Sammi said...

I have been thinking of pylons since Spud posted that on our flickr group. Mind you I have just been thinking of trying to take better and better pictures... I love it, I try the things people have been saying in their comments. Congrats on being explored, by the way!

Eva said...

What a fun and creative workspace! I love it!

Rebecka said...

What a beautiful work space. I'm so inspired now I can't wait until the weekend!
The giant ball of fire has appeared in the sky here as well. Too bad this forcefield of freeking cold is keeping it from blasting us with it's rays.

f8hasit said...

I sooooo dig your blue room.
And is that a Husquvarna?

Now I not only adore you, emulate you (to what extent I can) but envy you as well.

Happy Ball of Sun day!

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to be back in the Blue Room! And to hear about your new business venture!
Have your forgotten what the sun is? Should I be scared and pack blankets and big jumpers?

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I have always loved your blue room. I envy it and hope to have a room with such character when I finally get settled somewhere. I hope you can find a way to "recreate" it when your family relocates!

Lisa-Marie said...

I love your blue room. Also, I think stacked crates look amazing. I just had a look at my fabric, and almost all of it is red and white with simple pattern(there is alot of polkadot going on).

SE'LAH... said...

look at that fabric stash! (drooling)!!! wow.

your blue room is fab!

PROVINS said...

Sikken at fantastisk sted!! Elsker farven på væggen!

Unknown said...

I love your blue room. It has so much personality. I like the way you stored your fabric too. You have a way huger stash than I.

rxBambi said...

I love your blue room/studio. Just today I was talking to hubs about redoing mine. Well, actually it's not my room - YET. Right now it has some craft stuff and a foos ball (how do you spell that?) table and other crap. I plan on making it my room in the next couple weeks.
I'll keep your photos on hand for inspiration ;)

paris parfait said...

I love that room - it's perfection in its bright colors and endless possibilities for creating things!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Oh, what a pleasure to see where you work and create and the sweet little viking ship and the snow...lovely and I got excited just looking at all your photos!

Bee said...

It really does look more like a sunset. I was looking at the forecast this morning and the words "gray" and "light snow" kept repeating.

The blue room is obviously a hive of creativity activity.