Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lego on the brain

i've got lego on the brain. sabin got the lego indiana jones airplanes yesterday and built them already last evening. every time she builds something, i am totally amazed at how ingenius the designs are. lego really pulled themselves out of the slump they were in a few years ago and got back to the basics of what they're good at. they made smart tie-ups with certain films - indiana jones, star wars, harry potter and there are even totally cool lego games for the Wii, where these little lego indy figures go around building things with lego blocks and whipping the heck out of the enemies. lego, as you no doubt know, is a danish company and the word is shortened from lege godt which means play well. and who wouldn't play well with things that are this well-designed:

check out that pirate's expression and his peg leg!

the pirate girl has a voluptuous figure to go with her treasure chest.

indy's shirt is rumpled and he's got a 5 o'clock shadow.

check out the little lego sean connery!
and that little door right below him actually opens and indy can store his suitcase and whip there.

doesn't indy look fetching flying that plane?
what a great expression on his little lego face.

with design that good, it makes it quite ok that the child still wants lego for her birthday, even when she's turning 9. i'm happy to keep buying it for her.

thank you all for your kind wishes for her birthday yesterday! they elicited that little proud snort thing she does when i read them to her.


christopher said...

I have been impressed with the new Legos as well. My son loves them...and I build along with him sometimes. He's turning 7 next week...I was thinking of getting him the Construction City...but now maybe Star Wars.

Dutchbaby said...

I've always been impressed with Lego; I guess I missed the slump. They are wonderful, high-quality, open-ended toys that foster the imagination. I laughed out loud when I saw your photo of Lego's rendition of Sean Connery. The only times I cursed Lego is whenever I accidentally stepped on a tiny one- or two-dot brick with my bare feet. Ouch! Those and Barbie's high heels. I hate how they hunker in the safety of a deep carpet ready to attack.

Polly said...

The Lego Indiana is perfect! I love that 5 o'clock shadow. Those toys are genius, I'd love to see the rest of Indiana set. Lego is brilliant, I used to have Lego spaceships when I was little and it was my favourite toy.

I hope Sabin had a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm turning 27 this year and I would LOVE Lego for my birthday! When I was about 5 I was given a police car set for my birthday. I remember it being a Big Deal because up until that point I'd only had the very big blocks so that I (or my 2-years-younger sister) didn't swallow them. I put that car together meticulously, and then took it apart, and put it together and took it apart etc. for years. Eventually it was handed down to my cousins.

it even had little clear blue and red bits for lights. And a traffic cone.

Char said...

my brothers LOVED legos. all i can remember is stepping all over them.

paris parfait said...

It's great to see Lego thriving in today's marketplace. Glad the child enjoyed her birthday.

Sarah said...

I want, I want! Those are WAY better than the legos of our day! I hope Sabin's birthday was great!

Diane Cransac said...

I have a 22 yr old son who still plays with lego's although if you ask him, he says he 'collects' them...in a very serious voice. *grin*

Andi said...

I have a MAD urge to go home and play Lego Batman on my XBox now.

The pale observer said...

I loved lego growing up and back then we didn't have all those cool characters! My cousins had two huge garbage pails full of lego that we dumped out with a glorious crashing noise!!!

It allows the imagination to go wild - I played with it until I was 13!!

Those are great clear pics!!! Lovely

Erin Wallace said...

The Legos I had when I was a kid were wonderful - one of my favorite toys. But Legos these days are MAD awesome! Can't wait til Will is old enough for some of these cool sets!

http://howtobecomeacatladywithoutthecats.blogspot.com said...

Legos are awesome! No matter how old you are, they still offer endless hours of amusement!

Mary Ellen said...

I love these close-ups of the lego people - I know that the kids see them as big and real, not as little spiky things that you step on in your sock feet, as I used to.

Just Jules said...

oh my legos.

my friend my foe.

my kids love love love them.
but they fall apart and they get frustrated - they think they should stay together, which of course they dont.

However the characters - there is not a better toy. (until the vacuum sucks up an arm)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Legos are great.... until you step on one in your bare feet :-)


christina said...

i thought i heard you say, sean connery. he really does it for me. : )

Molly said...

All the new(ish) parents we know are having the Lego v Playmobile debate, reckoning to make life simpler they should pick one now and stick with that for all future gifts. I kinda see the logic, though it does feel a little boring, and this post definitely sways me in Lego's favour. Plus the extremely fond memories of Lego from my childhood.
I think it's awesome that Sabin still wants Lego too, rather that than Brat Dolls!
Lego, sushi - could your kid get any cooler?!

Suecae Sounds said...

You should check out http://legomyphoto.wordpress.com/ if you like intelligent humor and lego. Really you should. Begin from the start instead of the last few messages.

They guy there is a genius.