Tuesday, January 12, 2010

looking back

when sabin was little:

: : she had the cutest little red cowboy boots with silver-tipped toes.

: : she called hippopotamus (we had a lot of those in our sandra boynton books) "hillaponsa"

: : all the people she drew had flowers for heads.

: : she once ate her weight in those tiny little shrimp that take forever to peel (fjordrejer) and then asked for more.

: : she stayed with her cousins in the US and kept asking for "min mor og min far" and nobody knew what she was talking about, so they took her to see a big old fat hog on the farm next door.

: :  told the neighbors that she was 100% danish, but also half swedish and half american (that may have been only a week or so ago).

: : was more snowsuit than child when bundled up for cold weather.


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

sweet little memories :)

Polly said...

very sweet and oh so cute!

that second photo is gorgeous!

Sarah Lulu said...

so delightful.

Sammi said...

You can totally be 100% Danish and half Swedish, half American... I am 100% English, and part Spanish, after all!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Firstly, she is uber-cute! Secondly, well done - clearly you bought up a child unafraid to be herself, and that is a rare quality! Lastly, I wonder if they make those boots for grown ups?

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

The writer Anne Lamott says that when she watches her son sleep, she sees all the ages he's ever been. I love that and can see it too.

It's so wonderful to look back on them when they are that age and then look at them today...so much wonder!

Side note - the boots are fabulous!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Watching our children grow is one of the most amazing things we can ever experience. I love looking at old pictures of my son and remembering all the wonderful things he did, while at the same time wondering about his future and all the amazing things he will do.

Jude said...

That red boot photo just slays me. Her face is luminous.

f8hasit said...

I love this.

This morning I sat and just watched some of my own daughters photos cross my laptop screen, remembering each one as they passed.

The modern day photo album...a laptop.

Sweet post!

Unknown said...

So cute! I like the last photo!

Char said...

so sweet and adorable

Zuzana said...

Love the second picture.;) She seems to be not just cute, but original too.;)

Gwen said...

which do i love more? the boots or that sweet vest?

Jude said...

Or how one pant leg is tucked in, and one hangs down.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Is the sale of the house making you sentimental? Sabin looks like a precious little cabbage patch doll in the second shot. What camera were you using those days?

Jason said...

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Lynne said...

so what was she actually saying when she was taken to see the hog instead?

Shokoofeh said...

Aw it was sweet!!!
I had to check the translation for "min mor og min far" and well... laughed a lot. Poor little girl!


berfin said...

That put a smile on my face..

Jodi Anderson said...

I just discovered your blog and I really like it. I adore the name Sabin.

I got a bit of a giggle out of the description of her being 100% Danish, but also half-Swedish and half-American.

I was born in America and live here, but I'm ... Danish and Swedish ... and Norwegian.

Anyhow, your blog is lovely and I'm adding your RSS feed to my reader.