Friday, January 29, 2010

a moment of clarity

i had a moment of clarity today. it hit me that despite much of the world i inhabit revolving around blogging and the community surrounding blogging, there are a whole lot of people out there who know nothing about it and have no access to this world that i can only characterize as fantastic, rich, lively and inspiring. they know nothing of the community that it can bring. a community in which someone who only knows you through your blog, can make something truly beautiful and meaningful for you. a symbol of clarity, just for you. and if you're lucky, you then actually meet that person in person, because she happens to live in the same country you do, which is really just a lucky coincidence, because she could live anywhere. but the fact is she lives within blog camping distance and for that, you are grateful. and you are also very grateful for the clarity symbol.

the clarity symbol that elizabeth made for me.
it's a little red heart-shaped pillow with more symbols on it (that i will use later)
and it resides on my side of the bed during the day.
hopefully, infusing my pillow with clarity for when i sleep.

...and a community in which someone who lives halfway around the world from you, sends you a little bag of stones. stones she collected for you as she scattered her mother's ashes on a canadian beach. stones that are worn smooth and shiny by the pacific ocean. and the fact that she actually thought of you and gathered stones for you (because she knows, from your blog, that you love them) on that day that was undoubtedly full of other thoughts and emotions for her, touches you deeply. and you feel really grateful for the blogosphere and the friendships you have found here. friendships and connections which are just are real (if not more so at times) than those you find in the everyday world which you inhabit. 

photo of the stones VEG sent on the sweet tapas plate BB gave me when we met in december.

and here VEG's stones join all of the other wonderful stones that people sent me from all corners of the world over the past year in my little stone bowl.
i so love that stone in trinsch of et lille øjeblik's handwriting. (and how cool is her handwriting?)
and the blue one is one i felted myself.
oh, and check out the little eyeball stone on the top left - that's from lynne.

have i mentioned that i love the blogosphere?

thank you all for connecting my world.


Anonymous said...

thank you for connecting into our world! love the stones...precious.

Elizabeth said...

Blush, blush. My face turns red because I feel priviledged that I was invited to your home.

Thank you for your compliments and for your friendship.

xoxo E.

Char said...

sooo beautiful

Amy said...

It's hard to explain to someone who isn't a part of it. Lovely.

Sarah said...

I am glad they got there and, more importantly, that you like them. Explaining blog friends is difficult to non-bloggers, but I find them to the best relationships I have ever had. said...

Ah, to be within Blog Camp distance... I'd love to be able to connect with some of the wonderful people I've met through blogging in person. Thanks for including me in your blog circle!

isabelle said...

It is indeed a great world!
lovely gifts:)

Diane Cransac said...

I don't know where I would be without this blogging world. I live in a world of silence. Alone most of the time in a country where I dont speak the language well. Where my husband is away at work most times. This world full of lovely people...this world keeps me sane.

oz said...

Such wonderful connections you've made!! Your gifts are beautiful.

Several years ago, my friend and I went on a road trip to meet a group of 'bloggers' that frequented our sites. We had THE most phenomenal time...and a few years later a wedding resulted. The blogosphere can be a beautiful place :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

"thank you all for connecting my world."

Seems to be the beauty of the blog - connecting the entire world to the lives and thoughts of many. Hope to see more of your entries.

Bocat said...

I've always been a 'looking for and keeping stones' person. How very cool to find out that you are as well! I'm new to the blogosphere but I'm so very excited to become a member. Reading your blog posts feel as if I have a sister half a world away! Thank you!