Sunday, March 07, 2010

blog crush: mrs. mediocrity

a glass of south african pinotage by the fire for mrs. mediocrity
note to self: drink less wine before taking photo so it might be in focus.
it's been far too long since my last blog crush, but i am here to remedy that. it seems that of late, while i've been otherwise occupied with job interviews and house-hunting and just barely being able to keep up my regular blogging (and tweeting and flickring), but being rubbish at reading and commenting on all of your blogs, a few new people have stopped by here at MPC. and thankfully, they have left comments, so that i have gotten a bit of exposure to what's happening out there in the blogosphere. i've actually got several blog crushes brewing among these new readers, but i hereby give you the first:

let me tell you about mrs. mediocrity...she posts pictures of dust around her house, which makes her real and which served to cement my decision to blog crush her. she is a cat person. she thinks blogging is better than t.v., she's looking for signs of spring (yes, please). she's trying to slow down and notice more (aren't we all?). i'm willing to forgive her for the running thing, because some of my other favorite blog people run too, even when no one is chasing them. she ponders things (and drinks tea in the morning (oh so civilized)). she hasn't been blogging for long, but she's got an excellent start. 

run along now and read her. you won't regret it.

4 comments: said...

Off to meet Ms. Mediocrity... anyone who takes pictures of dust is a-okay in my book!

Anonymous said...

Good choice - a great blog by a deep thinker. Thanks for sharing and introducing us :-)

mrs mediocrity said...

mrs mediocrity is blushing...smiling, but blushing. Thank you so much

d smith kaich jones said...

Mine too. She's the best!