Monday, March 01, 2010

color palettes from flickr faves

eternally thinking about color. and with my neck so sore, i can't actually sew or really make anything at the moment, so i just dream about doing so. i ran a few of my recent flickr faves through the color palette generator, just to take the temperature of the colors that are speaking to me at the moment.

original photo here.

original photo here.

original photo here

original photo here.
original photo here.

what colors are making your blood race?


Indiri Wood said...

It looks like spring is the color speaking to you.

Oh, and that quilt is beautiful!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Beautiful colors! I hope you neck will be better soon.


Tracy :)

BostonGirl said...

OMGoodness, I have a new favorite obsession! The color palette generator! I am always looking for ways to explain the colors I am envisioning and this will help so much. Merci!

Polly said...

what a great idea! the first two palettes would definitely make my blood race, but I adore the quilt in the third photo, so it can't be just about colours...

PROVINS said...

Hvor sjovt der er et program der gør det!! Det brugte vi to uger på at lære på førsteåret på designskolen :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic tool - I've never seen this before. (My first visit - I found your blog via Mnemosyne).