Monday, March 15, 2010

random thoughts to start the week

~ i miss being in an academic environment. i miss the thrill of reading a really dense sentence and pulling meaning out of it that applies the world around me. i think it's why i used quotes from susan sontag's on photography on my 365 project photos during february.

~ husband looks like an entirely new person in his new glasses (must photograph him soon). but is it the glasses or his new job or our impending move giving him that glow? maybe it's all of it.

~ i learned that our new little samsung U10 HD flashcam can't really handle filming in the dimly-lit riding hall.

~ note: the flashcam doesn't violate the "not buying things in 2010" because i actually bought it back in december, but my sister only just sent it last week.

~ cleaning out the attic is like visiting a flea market and finding all kinds of treasures, only without spending any money. who knew we had all this cool stuff?

~ if you trip over a sweet little brass deer in the yard at a house you're contemplating, it's a sign, right? and if you accidentally take that little deer with you, it's not really stealing, right? since it was abandoned out in the yard at a house that stands empty?

~ one drawback of sunshine: it exposes just how much your windows need cleaning.

~ stieg larsson is sweden's answer to dan brown. only we won't be subjected to more of his hack writing since he died. but i'll admit that i like the characters of mikael blomqvist and lisbeth salander, so i (re)read on. sometimes, you just have to read trash. but arthur koestler's the ghost in the machine is next on my nightstand, so i shall redeem myself.

~ every day after husband and sabin leave, i think that i'll go back to bed, but i never do. and soon, i won't be able to, since i'll be headed off for work in an actual office myself.

~ sometimes i wonder if others can hear that ringing in my ears.

~ i packed marxism and theology books in the same box this weekend and wondered aloud if i would be going to hell for that (tho' thankfully i cannot, since i don't believe in hell and it's like santa claus, if you don't believe it in, it doesn't believe in you (thanks gwen)). husband's response: "god is more of a marxist than you think." and the more we discussed it, the more i think he's right, there is something of the new testament over the communist manifesto. i wish i'd written my dissertation on that. of course, i still could, since i haven't actually written it. yet.

~ i tucked all those little end bits of yarn into my scarf last night while watching hercule poirot (who is so gay, by the way, not that there's anything wrong with that). it was much easier than i thought it would be. now i hope i can figure out how to join the ends together when the time comes to do that.

~ i really wish i was on my way to the bookstore with trinsch this morning. she's going to browse books on new media and then she gets to write about it. i'm so envious. it leaves me positively longing for academia.

~ i do love these little random thought downloads, they just completely clear my head and leave me feeling ready to face the week.


Sarah Lulu said...

Oh those photos are just divine.

I also adore randomness and putting them out there.

I did not know Hercule is gay ...that did make me laugh for some reason.

I enjoy your blog every time I drop by. xx

Sammi said...

I do love random thoughts posts.

I also love the drawbacks of sunshine, hee hee!

who said...

I so needed this laugh thank you

smashing against the wall deep thought: my windows are filthier, but as long as you can see the humor though them I think we're all good.

if you live in Oregon, I'd even come clean em for you

this was one of the best posts I've read

Laura said...

Love your random thoughts too...makes me feel so normal (because my mind works similarly). The tulips are photographed beautifully...the light and shadow play adds more elegance to these already exquisite flowers...kind of like the thoughts turning and blossoming as you write.

Suzanne said...

I *love* the tulips and God is a Marxist? Secretly, I agree. But don't tell my hubs, he might have an aneurysm. But only because he's never actually read Marx, he's only heard the hype.

wv - disbis: "this business" in american slang. Esmerelda got all bizzy up in disbis, fo shizzle.

Sarah said...

I love your random thought downloads too. They're great and help me get the cobwebs out on a Monday morning.

The pictures are stunning! Soooooo beautiful.

(thanks for the Blomqvist/Salander reference, I don't feel so bad now, teehee, I love those books)

Megan said...

you can't steal something that's been abandoned. i would have claimed the deer too.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea all this stuff goes on in other people's heads too. How beautiful are those tulips?

mrs mediocrity said...

The deer clearly belongs to you, right where he is sitting. What a perfect shot. All the photos are stunning, as are your random thoughts which somehow, all put together, didn't seem so very random at all...

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Okay, the tulips are great on their own but with that shocking lime background, just gorgeous. What is the new job? Like you, I plan on going back to bed in the a.m. but end up trapped inside my new MacBook. Not that I'm complaining...

An Open Heart said...

Why do you have to miss academia? Get your teaching credential and teach literature.....anywhere you want to. Then, you can be steeped in academia, all of the time.

just a thought.

An Open Heart said...

P.S. I see no problem with how the deer came to reside at your house....I'd find it a new home, too, if I stumbled on it!

Numinosity said...

I am known to scavenge through empty lots for "gifts"
My neighbors for instance. told me there was an old junk pile from the turn of the century next to them.
I found any number of wonderful rusty bits there to take home.
My other neighbor was commenting on the cool stuff I'd found. I told him I'd found it on the empty lot next to him. It turned out it was his lot! He let me keep the stuff after all but I was a bit embarrassed.

I made sure I asked the next neighbor first before I scoured his lot for purple glass shards!

I'm sure the deer belongs with you.

(Thanks for the link,too)


Jodi Anderson said...

The deer is such a sweet find. I think that it was totally meant to be yours.

I miss academia too.

stephanie said...

That last photo is amazing! I seriously wish we had a bit more sunshine today.

I really might have to follow your lead and have a random brain download. It seems like a really good idea.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I love the last pictures and the flower vase. Spring is here and it a nice feeling after a cold winter.

Tracy :)

PS The deer belongs to you!

Jill C. said...

Love the random thoughts! The pictures are beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, those bits and pieces to tuck away. Love that work, means the pieces is almost done and it frees the mind to do something else.

The tulips, they are gorgeous, says the dutch girl

rxBambi said...

every once in a while I toss around the idea of going to med school (my guidance counselor talked me out of it back in the day). But then I remember how nice it is to not actually have to do anything if I dont want to, then I'm over it.

Those tulips are fabulous.

My windows are seriously in need of cleaning.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

I'm not sure what I like the best...the perfect colors of the tulips, the ferreted away deer or that lovely green vase...thanks for the pretty spring photos!

Lisa-Marie said...

I miss academia more than I would have thought possible. We go to about 2 evening lectures a month, but it is entirely not enough for me.

You photos are beautifully bright!

Linnea said...

I just have to say that those tulips are blowing my mind! The colors are absolutely stunning!! In the past few years tulips have risen from their status as fairly ordinary flowers to being my absolute faves.

Also...I think academia must be a little like giving birth. It is excruciatingly painful at the time/when writing your dissertation however when the worst is behind you it's nothing but sentimentality and fond memories. I can't wait for my thesis to be thought of fondly ;)

Anonymous said...

Your photos of the tulips are breathtaking. I want to paint them.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh yes. I think the deer is most definitely a sign.
I had to read Dragon Tatoo for book club. Isn't it funny how fast one can read a book like that?

Anonymous said...

i like your husband and his unlimited thinking. i've long thought that communism is most like the system jesus proposed. too bad people aren't really on board with all things being equal.

Bee said...

I've come here several times to look at these pictures. The light and vivid colors in these tulips is just gorgeously gorgeous.