Friday, March 26, 2010

if i were...

kimberly from numinosity did a beautiful list on her blog and i just had to give it a whirl myself, since it's friday and i love lists...

if i were a month i’d be march

if i were a day i’d be thursday

if i were a time of day i’d be 11:30 p.m.

if i were a font i’d be bulky refuse

if i were a sea animal i’d be a stingray

if i were a direction i’d be southwest

if i were a piece of furniture i’d be full of drawers

if i were a liquid i’d be gin (high quality gin)

if i were a gemstone i’d be turquoise

if i were a tree i’d be an evergreen

if i were a tool i’d be a hammer

if i were a flower i’d be a lemon blossom

if i were an element of weather i’d be a hurricane

if i were a musical instument i’d be a saxophone

if i were a color i’d be red

if i were an emotion i’d be intense

if i were a fruit i’d be a blueberry

if i were a sound i’d be loud

if i were an element i’d be uranium

if i were a car i’d be a porsche 911

if i were a food i’d be sushi

if i were a place i’d be ephesus

if i were material i’d be linen

if i were a taste i’d be chili

if i were a scent i’d be clary sage

if i were a body part i’d be an eye

if i were a song i’d be diamonds on the soles of her shoes by paul simon

if i were a bird i’d be a nightengale

if i were a gift i’d be handmade

if i were a city i’d be moscow

if i were a door i’d be unlocked

if i were a pair of shoes i’d be converse all stars

if i were a poem i’d be ithaca by cavafy

* * *

be sure to check out kimberly's list and if you were all these things, who would you be?
this was a really interesting exercise and i'm amazed how intuitively the answers sprang into my head.
come on, you know you want to try it. 


Numinosity said...

If I were grateful I would leave a comment here!

The fun part of it was that my husband participated and had immediate ideas on almost all of them and most I agreed with.


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

No major surprises other than:
why a saxophone and
why thursday?

I am SO doing this tomorrow.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I had to google Ephesus but wasn't shocked 'cause you like old crumbling down cities with gobs of character and history. I thought the sax was for Billy C. Thursday just plain stumped me.

d smith kaich jones said...

I loved this - loved just nodding my head & thinking, yes, yes, of course she would be, and I only know you through blogging. :) I believe you are already a hurricane!


Sarah said...

This is so cool and very interesting. I might have to steal this idea from you :)

I love lists, especially yours :)

I love how smart and engaging you are. I'm gonna have to write Shokoofeh a letter thanking her for suggesting your blog. It really is wonderful! Along with your other blogs, your Tumblr and your Flickr pages too.

Thank you so much for the thoughts on Blogger and the Wordpress tip you left on my blog. I think I'll have to move over there. :( I couldn't get into my blogs again this morning...and I really do miss you guys when that happens.

Erin Wallace said...

This is a wonderful post. I'm thinking I'll have to do this on a day when I'm out of ideas for what to post. Will spur new insiration, I think.

mrs mediocrity said...

if i were a door i'd be unlocked.
not open, as in open to the world, but unlocked, as in open to friends.
loved all of it, you are so good at giving us who you are, and keeping us coming back for more...

Meg said...

Love your list! Interesting and fun. One of these days i'll be reposting this. Thanks to you! God bless.

Char said...

passionate and fiery but very cool

Molly said...

oooo, must do too! and straight off you know we're the same kind of shoes. and I love your song, one of my all time fav's too. paul simon was one of the first international artists to appear live in SA after the change - we went to see his Born at the Right Time tour in 1992 and wept through most of it, we were completely over-emotional over-joyed teenagers - good memories... said...

What a fun exercise! I'll have to think about these.

Lost Aussie said...

Quite the lovely list! Worth mulling over indeed.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh, this was fun!
I had an answer immediately for each one!

d smith kaich jones said...

Did this yesterday on my blog - it is a pretty eye-opening thing, and tougher than it first appears.

Very cool!!

Graciel said...

I've played along via emmatree, linking back to you. Moscow and the unlocked door and the handmade gift caught my eye!


paris parfait said...

What fun! We'd have the same answers on some of these. As for Ithaca, I adore it; always have.

Sammi said...

I am stealing this list!

Yoli said...

Just came from Tara's blog and I want to play too!!!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

This was fun, reading your quick thoughts...I will have to try it!

Gill said...

Linen & clary sage? Nice choices. Love all the things you would be, if you were. xo

Knit - R - Done said...

I participated. Here is the link if you're curious.