Thursday, March 25, 2010

true story*

83:365 "A man is ever apt to contemplate himself out of all proportion to his surroundings."  ~Christina G. Rossetti
"i took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. i am. i am. i am." - sylvia plath
miscellaneous thoughts to confirm to myself that i exist:

~ best neologism i've heard in the past week: powerpointless

~ coolest trivial fact: chinese is a high context language - there are no cases, no gender, no tenses, no singular or plural, no active or passive, there is just what's there in the here and now. we could probably learn something deep and profound from that. if we weren't so trapped inside of our own low context language.

~ if we did, it would bring new meaning to the phrase, "you had to be there."

~ i finished my knitted scarf (hence the photo above).

~ i grow worse at self-portraits in the mirror instead of better.

~ "governance" is the word of the moment in corporate reorgs today.

~ those who've been on facebook in the past few hours will understand my title.

~ i had to upload a bunch of pix to flickr today that i wouldn't otherwise have uploaded, thanks to blogger's new photo uploader "improvements." i fear they moved those people who worked on buzz over to the blogger team. and it doesn't bode well. can you say rejects from windows vista development?

~ on the other hand, i'm sure the good folks at blogger will fix it and the new photo uploader will be fabulous and that i won't have to manually resize to 800 anymore. (note to blogger: this is a hint.)

~ my new contacts are no longer making me sick, but i can't see anything through them. i haven't decided whether this is a bad thing or not.

~ harmony before honesty? i don't think that would work for me.

~ i cannot believe that my sister has traded in her iPhone for a blackberry. that's an #epicfail by AT&T, as she did it because the coverage in eastern iowa is rubbish. but i still say she's out of the will (thanks for that, liz).

~ oops, this isn't twitter, so i guess the hash tags aren't so effective.

~ however, even an iPhone with no coverage is still far superior to any other phone. because of that hipstamatic photo app mostly. and the sexiness factor.

~ i'm a little worried about husband, he just signed up for his 25-year reunion on facebook. we didn't even know he knew he was on facebook (my sister and i created a profile for him awhile ago because sabin needed more friends for her pets in pet society).

~ i hope my new job description will specify "unlimited thinking" like husband's does. because i can totally do that. true story.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

"can you say rejects from windows vista development?"

LOL - I went on and on about Vista when my friend's mum was here and tried to teach me bookkeeping today. Oh the mysteries of Vista - the strangely disappearing desktop icons, for example, one example out of many, many more.

Jess said...

Have you seen the Mill Colour app? Kind of neat-o :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I love the scarf---you need to make more and sell them. :) I am also glad to know your contacts are getting better. I wear my bifocals off and on(I had headaches for a while too). I do not see good with them on--the head moves up and down a lot(trying to get my focus)

Love your pictures on flickr.

Tracy :)

Char said...

i love stream of precociousness lists, just sayin'

i got hipstastic but tend to prefer polarize

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

what IS that with blogger's photouploader??!!! do i really have to upload my photos to flickr or picassa before i can post them? i really, truly hate that. not sure if blogger is a keeper anymore...

Elizabeth said...

Your scarf is fabulous. Do you still have a list of things to do before .... This one is definitely a succes.

Have a sunny day.

Lisa-Marie said...

Your scarf is beautiful. I tried to learn Chinese, it is impossible to speak with a Scottish accent. I had other points, but I've forgotten them!

Book of Ruth said...

Congratulations the scarf is lovely. The list brought a smile to my face on an endless day at work. I can't decide if I prefer high context or no context in my life...

Trina Y. said...

Your beautiful! And I love the scarf!!!!!!!!!!


Zuzana said...

Great post Julie, love you scarf. I agree on the self-portraits in the mirror from my own experience, although you have nothing to complain about.;)
Looks like a great camera, I want one of those, I miss having a real zoom.

mrs mediocrity said...

you CAN totally do that!

Jill C. said...

Love the scarf and the title of "unlimited thinking"!

Sammi said...

No, no, no, no, no, I don't like the iPhone... do you know how long it took me to work my iPod TWO DAYS!!! I am not technological at all, and I fear with these "i" products its a necessity.

Apart from that, I really love your bullet point random thought style posts, they do make me smile.

Your scarf is beautiful

Self portraits in mirrors are ridiculously difficult. I hate them... I am glad for digital when I try it, because it takes 500 attempts, and even then doesn't necessarily come out how I'd hoped!!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Great's all in the perspective, right?