Monday, March 01, 2010

lions and tigers and bears, oh my

they say that if march comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb. and since today is decidedly lion-like with roaring wind and driving slush (yes, slush, not sleet, not rain, not snow, but clumps of slush), i'm going to hold march to it come the end.

i'm completely useless for going on a second day. i woke up yesterday with a crick in my neck that got worse all day. i can't turn my head and definitely can't look down without sharp intake of breath and lightheadedness from the pain. we discussed meningitis last night on twitter, but i don't have a fever, i'm my usual cold-blooded below-normal temperature, so i think i've pinched a nerve or something. and this bone-cold day doesn't help. but it's also impossible to sew or knit (i actually tried to knit again yesterday, since one of the things i started long ago would make a great scarf for my new orange coat) (i haven't mentioned my new orange coat, have i?) or crochet (still haven't managed a granny square - won't someone come and teach me?).

i finished life of pi, so now i've picked up stieg larsson's mænd der hader kvinder, which i read a couple of years ago, but i'm still in rereading mode these days. after the bitter disappointment of the end of life of pi, i had to go back to a reread. i've decided that i refuse to believe the end. there had to really be a tiger in that boat. but i am sad that richard parker ran off into the woods. and what was that seaweed island all about? i guess one would begin to hallucinate if one was adrift in the pacific for 7 months.

and speaking of hallucinations, i wouldn't mind hallucinating some daffodils or snowdrops or crocus out in the garden, but there's still snow everywhere, tho' the slush should melt some of it. in all, it's a rather dreary. my favorite gap jeans are on their last legs and i'm not even sure i can patch them.  i found a hole in my favorite wool sock this morning and so did sabin. we're just so ready for winter to be over. i'm thinking of going back into hibernation 'til spring comes in earnest.


christopher said...

Hope you feel better and spring comes your way soon. I enjoy winter, but I am now tired of all the snow removal. For my son, the big storms have meant an occasional day off from school. For me, it's like a double day--dig out cars, walkways, etc...then go to work.

Sarah said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon too. Those cricks in the neck are the worst aren't they?

I'm with ya on the hibernating 'til spring. This winter has been rather depressing. I've learned to appreciate the sunshine more, that's for sure.

Have a great week :)

Char said...

it sounds like there are a lot of turbulent issues at hand. i'm also ready for the warmer temps - so much that i fled to the beach over the weekend. the sand was still so very cold.

hope you feel better soon and take good care of that neck.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon.

Lisa-Marie said...

Spring, or at least sunny winter(because it is still freezing) seems to have come to Scotland today, so hopefully it's on it's way over!

I am much like you, I don't want to see any more snow, I am sick of wearing snowboots and ten layers of clothes!

d smith kaich jones said...

Between you & me, there was a tiger in the boat no matter what they tell us.