Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the golden hours

yesterday, late in the day, i acutely felt all of the holiday togetherness wearing thin. 
it happens every year. 
the merriment gets in the way of the daily writing and time to think. 
in the way of the solitude.
and it wears on my nerves. 

but the feeling passes.
cards are played.
cookies baked,
popcorn popped,
old movies watched.
and there's even a bit of time to curl up with a book.

and to remember that those are the things memories are made of. 
and there will always be time to think and to write when the being together is done.


heidikins said...

I have absolutely LOVED all these gorgeous frosty photos. Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my screen/keyboard.

I haven't hit my "too much holiday" thresh hold yet, but I can feel it coming. Hope the next few days are wonderful, Happy Holidays!


Numinosity said...

Oh, I hear you! We have a parade of visitors since we found a warmer clime to live in. As much as I love company I crave my solitude these days and am having a hard time managing my time in between guests.
My husband is off hiking in the Grand Canyon for a few days and I'm going to try to make the most of it.
Next thing I know more Alaskans show up at my doorstep this morning...whew!
I'm de-Chrismastifying my house today.
Time for some grounding. Yes I agree that the sharing and socializing is a gift as well.
Happy New Year to you,
xoxo KIm

Elizabeth said...

Perfect picture j. just keep on breathing and you will be fine.

Bee said...

My thoughts exactly, exactly.
Yesterday I desperately wanted to go on a walk alone, and both girls insisted on a walk -- but each on their own! Like you, I am trying to embrace it all . . . including the social overcommitments.
I still haven't sent your Christmas card. How do you feel about January cards?

The Queens Table said...

Ooooo la la! That is a gorgeous photo!!!!

Char said...

i know this feeling - my tolerance level for most things besides work is about three days before i need to retreat into my cave of solitude. then i can dip back into the social stream.

gorgeous shot...absolutely gorgeous.

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, i always get to that point, being the hermit that i am, i need my alone time. but you are right, the moment passes, and the time with family is, ultimately, time well spent.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is a knockout of a photograph-- it's so magical looking.

And I hear you about all the togetherness of the holidays. I need a break... for a little while... then I'll be back in the thick of it again.

Cheers, jj

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Love the honesty of this post - it does where thin after a while, but how wonderful this time is, when we just let it be.

This picture is just astounding - love the colors, the feel of it.

Best to you all for a wonderful holiday and joy joy joy in the new year!