Friday, December 10, 2010


how, oh how, will i restrain from buying this now that it's marked down to $418 (from $598)?

Jazz dancing, fast cars, conversation about Freud and sex all mashing together, lubricated with gin... and, of course, the shortest dresses in history.

In the upper echelons of American society, they became virtual works of art.
This is the finest example I’ve ever seen.

Slim. Minimal. Couldn’t be simpler. Except that when you put it on, the zigzag rows of silver and translucent beaded fringe are set into glittering motion that seems to flow directly out of you.
The light varies depending on your tempo (Charleston for fireworks, slow waltz for chandelier effect), but is always mesmerizing.

1927 Party Dress (No. 2924). Sleeveless, scoop-neck cream silk georgette, surprisingly substantial, with over 100,000 hand-strung baguette beads in seven tiers, plus an eighth tier across scooped back. 

The hemline falls just above your provocative knees; in Utah or Ohio, you could have been arrested (really) for wearing this breathtaking thing. Imported.

on sale now at j. peterman

it's long been my dream to work for them (even before elaine did on seinfeld). do you think this might serve as a job application?


Anyes said...

go for it!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely worth a try!!!!

I would love to take a slow waltz in that dress. The slow waltz is just fantastic, it feels like being swept by a soft breeze over the dancefloor. Oh now my longing for a dancefloor with a dashing partner is becoming even more profound.

Oh well back to business and doing what I'm suppose to do instead of daydreaming.

Enjoy your day.

Unknown said...

that dress is really cute!
I also say go for it.

L.K.Moore said...

Oh, good luck.

What a dream of a dress...

Jill C. said...

I agree! Go for it!

Kim: said...

Let's get a group together to buy it and share it! Love, love, love it!

Corinne said...

What a year,I agree. My saga has a very different direction and I continue to hope that great lessons have been earned and profound insight as well. My general conclusion is fake it, eventually maybe I will get the meantime, buy the dress and/or write to Peterman with your eloquent prose! Who knows, I would think it is worth a shot:)

The Queens Table said...

You would be one of your sparkling tree's of ice!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

WHAT? J Peterman is for real? :-o

Sammi said...

wut? i have not been on the blog world for a week or so (all will be blogged soon).
you wanna spend like a week and a halfs worth of my wages on a dress?
crazy woman. but hell. go for it :D