Tuesday, December 14, 2010

travel inspiration

inspiration from greenbelt 5
iPhone photos snapped of shop windows in greenbelt 5 - makati
i find that travel feeds my inspiration like nothing else. so i thought i'd share some beautiful things i spotted in the fabulous, upscale greenbelt 5 mall in makati. i snapped the photos with my iPhone and unfortunately failed to note the names of the shops, tho' they were all local filippino designers. the bold necklaces and the simple dresses were inspiring to say the least. as usual, i don't really know what i'm going to do with the inspiration yet, but time will tell.

i did buy a simpler version of the necklace in the lower right, so perhaps i'll make something simple and elegant like the upper left and wear them together.

what i'm enjoying most is the sense of possibility just thinking about it brings.


Sandra said...

I like it! All. I do miss being able to travel These days my trips are to the barn and back, so living through your travels will have to do.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

These are wonderful...though I imagine getting a bit exhausted with the necklaces around my neck. Nice that you got the simpler version - lovely1

Joanna Jenkins said...

Picking up treasures while traveling is so fun. Like you, I'm not always sure what I'll do with what I buy but I love the story behind them and hope something comes up that I can use them.
Merry Christmas, jj

Anonymous said...

I like you loooove travelling and these are amazing finds. Wow! I would very happily wear all of those pieces :-)