Saturday, June 18, 2011

scenes from a rainy garden

~ between showers, progress is being made on the chicken coop (which is actually more of a palace). we're calling it chez poulet, since it's going to be quite posh what with the fancy door husband made for it.

~ sabin is giving her bunny solskin extra lots of time today since she seems so heartbroken at the presence of the tiny new bunnies.  either that or she wants babies of her own.

~ tomorrow is the strawberries and honey event at our bee school. we're close to "slinging" our first honey. our bee mentor says there's at least 15 kilos in our best beehive. i'm looking forward to having that honey in my tea.

~ tho' i'm tired of rainy days, they do make the garden grow and the flowers bloom and the weeds easy to weed. there's always a silver lining if you look for it.

~ making ciabatta bread for the first time. working all of that olive oil in during the proving stage is fun.

~ it's good to have my iMac back - it got sent in for a checkup, as the extra warranty i'd bought was running out soon and i wanted to be sure i'd taken full advantage. it got a new display, a new graphics card and a new hard drive. so it's pretty much a new computer now! it should be good to go for a long time to come.

~ i'm a little mystified by words with friends, the scrabble-like game we're all playing on our iPhones. i think it's quite arbitrary in the words it allows and doesn't allow. i've taken to just throwing my letters in practically any old order and seeing if it takes them. i'm surprised when it does. and sometimes when it doesn't. but it's fun to play with friends in north america.

~ i'm reading gary schteyngart's super sad true love story and i'm afraid i'm not hip enough to understand it. the hipster language is kinda driving me crazy. have any of you read it?

here's wishing you all a lazy and relaxing weekend.


Palmer said...

that door is outstanding! If husband would like to come here we have loads of projects and we would feed him well. :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I have never made Ciabatta bread. I think I will make homemade bread this week. I did order the book on Bread by Daniel Stevens and I love it!!

Tracy :)

Unknown said...

I've looked for a recipe for Ciabatta bread, but haven't found one. How did it turn out?

Do you have some very special chickens to go into that very special chicken hotel?

Reena said...

Great pics ... and I'm with you, not sure I would have liked super sad love story ... so I have avoided it!