Sunday, December 04, 2011

blog swag rocks

pretty little creatively-wrapped (brown paper bags, stitched around the edges - how clever is that!) packages of bloggy swag that i won on lizzie's blog. there's really nothing more happy-making than a package in the mail. i've thus far restrained from opening, as i'm trying to wait 'til christmas. but i'm not sure i'll manage to hold out.

jody pearl, who does a lot of clever re-designing of clothing, hosted an op shop swap and i participated. she was my partner and i totally lucked out!  my package came wrapped in this great crochet-like net shopping bag.

inside was a book - have a little faith by mitch albom, which causes a mary chapin carpenter song to go through my mind every time i walk past it.

best of all was the most gorgeous, bright, felt-backed scarf that was exactly what i needed in these dark winter days. the little koala (which sabin snatched up) had on a little backpack containing lovely vintage buttons that i'll be using on some or other project in the near future. there was also a little beaded snowman, but sabin snatched him up as well.

a big thank you to both jody and lizzie!

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Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Lucky you!

Have a great day

Tracy :)