Friday, December 09, 2011

things i learned this week...

gratuitous bunny shot

~ zumba is HUGE among the over-forty set in the back of beyond. (don't worry, i haven't tried it, so the populace is uninjured.)

~ whatever lego wants, lego gets.

~  sometimes people are just assholes and there's not much you can do about it. it's best for your sanity to just get over that.

~ when the child gets sick, she goes down fast. and whines kind of a lot.

~ you can work for the mayor and not have a clue as to what's going on in your community.

~ there's nothing to stop the wind between us and the north sea. (and lemme tell ya, it's blowing.)

~ a lot of people have their own domain.

~ teachers apparently have lower divorce rates than the general population (informal and potentially sketchy evidence based on a sample of 21 - tho' the divorce rate was 0% among those polled).

~  the handmade movement has not come to denmark.

~ those jerkies at dk hostmaster (the people who insist on centrally managing the .dk domains) are ROTTEN at customer service.

~ sometimes when the bunny escapes, it's permanent.

*  *  *

i'm sure there's more, but that's what i've got right now.  happy weekend, one and all!!


Andrea said...

Doesn't sound like a "good" set of things but learning is good...

Love the bunny. What fabulous fur {hair?} he has on his head! I can just picture him with horned rimmed glasses and good book...:)

Crazy wind here too...Atlantic ocean, the island of Newfoundland.

Hope you have a better weekend!

julochka said...

hi AnDee - it is a kind of negative list, but strangely, i don't feel that negative. maybe i got it out of my system writing it. either that, or the wind blew away the negativity. :-)

Anonymous said...

"~ sometimes people are just assholes and there's not much you can do about it. it's best for your sanity to just get over that."

Agreed. The holidays are lovely and all, but I find myself hyper-aware of mean people during December. Weird that a time of year celebrating light and love brings out the idiots in full force. I choose sanity, so like you I've learned to get over them. Mostly.

Elizabeth said...

When do you think the handmade movement will arrive, if ever?

Corrine said...

I gather the escapee is still on the lam. Hope he finds a nice little hole to snuggle up in.

The featured bunny is absolutely fabulous! I am forwarding a one way first class ticket to send his little furry self to me, will he need
a passport?

Have a good weekend.

Unknown said...

Someone moved in our neighborhood and just turned their bunnies loose. Big white fluffy bunnies. They apparently mated with the wild bunnies because we had a lot of strange looking bunnies running around for a while.