Sunday, December 04, 2011

reflections on november

i know we're 4 days into december, but i've been behind now for about two weeks, so why should it change now? looking back on november, i don't remember three days with sunshine, so i'm a little surprised to find them here among my november daily photos. tho' two of those days, it's quite obscured by fog. other than that, it appears we horsed around quite a lot and still enjoyed our baby bunnies, tho' they're growing up too fast!

it's funny, these pictures show a lot, but they also leave a lot out. they leave out that i've been teaching english and getting more involved in my local area and working on my book. i've been planning a new business (or a new and improved version of an old one). i've made dinner regularly and done laundry and vacuumed and watched good and bad television and listened to good radio. i've felt under the weather and i've despaired of the grey days. i hibernated a little bit. i fed the animals and talked to them quite a lot. and i made stuff. and in it all, i guess i survived another grey, long november in denmark.


Härnösands Konstförening said...

Congrats on surviving November! Come to think of it, I did too!

Omg those little bunny necks <3

Härnösands Konstförening said...

P.S. Oops, I'm Maria-Thérèse,, signed in as the art society. Oops.