Thursday, December 22, 2011

pagan rituals and the winter solstice

which of these trees?

one of these trees is now in our living room, covered with lights and ribbons and ornaments and tinsel. and i cannot even express how satisfying it is that our christmas tree came from our own yard. photos of it in its new location tomorrow.

in the meantime, happy solstice. decorating the tree seemed like the perfect pagan ritual to engage in on this, the darkest day of the year.

tomorrow the light begins to return. none too soon.

make the most of it, wherever you are.


Lost Star said...

Cool tree! Can't wait to see it decorated!

As for the solstice, I am back from the feast of pizza and wine! Feasting on this day is good for the soul!

will said...

Doesn't naked dancing go with pagan rituals?

Magpie said...

Love. Can't wait to see which one. :)

Suecae Sounds said...

Happy solstice!

Anonymous said...

Santa claus will fit in well seeing he's a wild mixture of Scandinavian Yul Tomte with the name of a real saint (St. Nicholas or Sinterklaas), made popular by Coca Cola....maybe the Danes have the right idea after all.

heidikins said...

I dream of having my own small Christmas tree farm on my property one day. A row of pine trees planted every few years so there are various sizes to choose from and everything. Swoon.