Wednesday, December 07, 2011

happy birthday dad!

we used to stage a yearly shot where we got dad up on a horse. this was from summer 2010. dad and amber.

i remember the one horse show we dragged dad was in tyndall and it was about 104°F in the shade all day. the lunch stand ran out of cold drinks. tyndall ran out of ice. the swimming pool across the street was like a bathtub. and still we showed on. funnily enough, dad never wanted to come to a horse show again...however, he happily continued to foot the bill for the horse shows (and shoes) for years and years afterwards. as long as he didn't have to attend.

happy birthday, dad.  we wish we were there to celebrate with you and eat german chocolate cake.


Cindy said...

this is a nice story. I do love the photo. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hope your dad has a very special day!