Monday, December 12, 2011

loving right now

things i'm loving right now...

...the house is slowly beginning to look like christmas.

...5-6 eggs a day.

...that husband is sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea, listening to a radio program about vikings.

...the big project that i'm playing a little part in at the moment. new iPhone 4S (how did i live without this?).

...reading the cadfael books by ellis peters. nothing like a 12th century detective monk who knows everything about herbal remedies to put things into perspective.

...thinking about all of the exciting things in the year ahead.

...this little interview i did on kamana's blog. mostly because it made me realize that i'm really content with right now.

...that aside from a slight moment of mania on discovering the lego weaponry aftermarket for my nephews, i'm doing really good on not going crazy this christmas.

...a good night's sleep.

...bunny buns.


Andrea said...

There is a neighbourhood cat, Moe. He was hit by a car a few years ago and has a lovely stump of a tail...I was watching him from my window today, swishing his little stump as he watched pigeons and I thought "I love that cat butt."

An excellent post!

c is for cape town said...

This post made me happy. And it wasn't just the bunny ass.
Thanks x

Lisa-Marie said...

THis is a lovely list.

Who knew bunnies' backsides were that cute?!