Monday, April 23, 2012

baby animal monday

this is peaches - she's 12 days old. just got her eyes open. and is the most amazing color we've ever seen. i can see a bit of her mama's expression on her face. and i call her her, but i have no idea if she's a girl or not.

this is her sister, creamy. also possibly not a girl, but there you have it. it's nearly impossible to tell with bunnies 'til it's too late.

it's definitely spring around here. we've got baby animals like crazy. the first batch of bunnies all found homes this weekend. we've still got the last two, waiting to be delivered over to sjælland, so we get to enjoy them a little longer, but the other four very quickly found homes.

i suppose we'll have to find homes for these little sweeties as well. husband has declared that he won't build any more bunny cages. apparently five is enough.

and here's our other baby animal - the little black chick. s/he is doing very well. i call it a he all the time, but i do hope it will be a little hen. i wonder if the mama even notices the chick must really belong to one of the other hens. she's moved it back into the main henhouse, from their separate quarters. he peeps VERY loudly if he loses sight of her. she spends most days not far from the henhouse, showing him how to scratch and peck and take a dust bath. she's a really good mama. i'm wholly won over. chickens are not as dumb as they might at first seem.

and today, pepchen had four kittens. there will be photos of them soon - the ones i took were either a bit dark or the kittens were a bit slimy. but now they're dry and cute and perfect and mama is tired, but very content. spring is a very good thing in the countryside.


Barb said...

Oh, so sweet! The people who had our place before us had bunnies. Maybe I'll have to keep that in mind. :)
Our chicks are turning into little chickens now. And I suspect one of them is a boy even though they were all supposed to be girls!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations with all these sweet additions to your family.

Tumus said...

aww squishy baby bunnies!! I adore their little ears the most. Sad you have to give them away but I hope they find good homes ^_^

celkalee said...

Oh my, what adorable creatures. Bunnies have such sweet expressive faces. These two are sweeties.

Veronica Roth said...

Chloe lets out a high pitched squeal every time I show her one of your beautiful baby photos. Now she wants to move to the country and get bunnies and chickens. I didn’t even tell her about the kittens yet. Now she wants your blog name to [stalk] visit you herself. You’re killing me here…but in a good way ;) Those are really the prettiest apricot coloured bunnies I’ve ever seen.

Anonymous said...

how adorable!