Thursday, April 05, 2012

pinspiration no. 4 + a bit of randomness

we awoke to a sparkling frosty morning, so i had to run out and grab some bokeh. soon the frost will be totally gone and i won't have another chance for months and months. right? the frost will go soon, right?

then, i settled in with pinspiration no. 4 and a cup of tea. the sunshine was bright and kept beckoning me outdoors, so progress was slow.

our baby bunnies are 3 weeks old today and are VERY active now. i cannot tell you how much we enjoy our bunnies - way more than i ever would have imagined. and baby bunnies? they're like miniature, whole complete rabbits. perfection.

and my pinspiration no. 4 dragonfly. here's the beautiful original i was inspired by. it was hard to cut into the vintage cross stitch, but i like how it turned out, tho' it's far from the perfection of the originals by mr. finch. it's an interesting exercise to basically indulge in someone else's art. which in my view (and picasso's) is perfectly ok if you're not doing it for commercial gain. this, for me, was an exercise in forcing myself to cut into a vintage textile, as well as to find materials around me to work with...some waxed cord as feelers and some little wire legs. for the body i used a bit of cotton that was trimmed off some old curtains and had been soaked in black beans at one point. as you can tell, most of that "dye" rinsed out. it was a good exercise for me in many ways - both freeing and yet awkward. but it has pushed my thinking towards making something entirely my own.

but in the meantime, it looks very pretty on the branch i hung on the wall in the living room a few days ago. and i'm learning a whole lot from this making something i've pinned on pinterest thing.

* * *

i listened to this on repeat (more times than i care to admit):

it seems a little lame to be enamored of belgian house music, but there you have it.
i mean really, belgium?

* * *

and i'm longing for something like this in my community.
nice to know it's good to be bilingual.
and tho' we already knew it, it's hip to use natural dyes.
oddly, this seems like me. in danish.
and this is an interesting question to ponder.
ikea. more than just crack meatballs.
blown away by this work.

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