Monday, April 16, 2012

future kitchen progress

it seemed like time for a little kitchen project update. when i first showed this to you back in march, it looked pretty impossible that it would ever be cleared of all of the old cement flooring, pig bones and 2800+ buckets (husband didn't count, but he calculated) of dirt. but this weekend, husband hauled out the last bucketful and it's now ready for the next stage - which is fixing the foundation and preparing the flooring (structure, insulation, heat elements, pouring of cement).

march 18
march 25
april 1
april 8
april 9
april 15
april 15
i find it quite unreal that husband did all of this by hand and mostly by himself. i kept him supplied in coffee, various cakes and lunches. it was impossible to get a machine in any of the openings to do it with a small digging machine, so it had to be done completely by hand. pretty amazing, don't you think?

where all that dirt and rubble went.
husband hauled trailerload after trailerload down to our lake, where he built a little road (not shown) and this small peninsula, from which we'll build a little dock to tie up our little boat and generally from which to enjoy the lake.

project pizza oven
and because he can never stop, on sunday, he worked all day on bricking up the pizza oven and foundation for a little smokehouse so that when we get our pigs and it's time to make sausages and bacon, we'll be able to pop them in there to smoke.

project smokehouse
i hope also to be able to use the smokehouse, without smoke, to dehydrate fruit, veggies and herbs.

under the old oak tree
this is placed out the door of the new kitchen and will eventually be a large patio area. there will also be a small sauna. that's something we wanted at the old house, but didn't get to because we decided to move. the pizza oven is also a long-desired feature and it's nice to see it starting to happen. just out of this shot on the lefthand side is a gorgeous old, majestic oak tree. it's gonna be great!


Unknown said...

Wow, he certainly is a keeper! What an amazing job and so exciting that everything is starting to take shape.

Elizabeth said...

Man, your keeper worked hard, incredible.

Hats off. And as for you, he is definitely a keeper, :))
(as if that wasn't know yet!)

celkalee said...

I am beyond impressed. This is going to be an amazing space. You have great foresight and patience to tackle all this work. In the end it will be exactly what you want. thanks for sharing.

Spilling Ink said...

Obviously your hubby is awesome and probably suffers from some sort of focused ADHD and at the result is spectacular.

I only have one question: When can I come live with you (in know I'm being presumtious but...)? It looks like you're carving yourself out a small slice of paradise over there!

I kind of wish I was Sabine now! Great way to grow up!

Delena said...

That IS amazing. One man, and all that work done by hand. I can't wait to see your place in the future!

Veronica Roth said...

He really is rather wonderful, isn't he?

DahnStarr said...

Okay, thats it! I'm going to steal your place, your daughter and your husband! Humm, but what to do with all those animals!?! (While re-thinking plan, lightbulb comes on...all the work involved with maintaining said place, daughter and husband.) Never mind, carry on! (grin)

kristina said...

wow! it must be cool seeing it taking shape!

JeannetteLS said...

Let us know when the first barbecue banquet will be. I'll buy my plane ticket and be at your door...

How wonderfully talented, energetic and tenacious your husband is. My guess is that you are as well. Congratulations on his making it to the next step in the kitchen!