Saturday, April 14, 2012

so far this weekend...


the sun is shining and there are a huge variety of spring flowers popping up all over the property. 

making cake

i have baked a cake. it's this one. it's probably our 5th batch of it (and it's a double batch). if you bake it, bake the cookie bottom part for 10-15 minutes before putting the chocolate and the meringue on it and finishing the baking. they don't include that in the instructions, but it's a must. i make the mistakes so you don't have to! :-) also, i just chop up a chocolate bar, as chocolate chips don't exist in denmark. a marabou with daim works a charm.

super mama and baby chick outside for the first time

mama hen and her little black chick were allowed outside with the other chickens for the first time. they've been VERY interested in what's going on in that little barn and trying to peek in every chance they got. mama has been showing signs of wanting to go out so since it's such a beautiful day, i decided to let her. i was worried the others might pick on the little chick, but mama was FIERCE and no one even made a move on him. if they even looked in his direction, she set them straight.


and here's the precious little one her/himself. we hope it's a her, of course, but i have to admit i often call it a him. little wing and tail feathers are coming in and it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever (other than the now ELEVEN baby bunnies we have, of course).

secret stash of eggs

and i found out why those other chickens were so interested in getting into the little barn - it seems they had a secret stash of eggs going in there! one full dozen! problem is i have no idea how long they've been there, so we're a bit afraid to use them. it seems such a waste!

i hope your weekend is going well so far!

* * *

yes, yes, yes! someone finally sounded the death knell for microsoft word. i personally haven't used it in more than 3 years, but it's time someone publicly admitted that it's so over.


celkalee said...

You crack me up, to coin an old phrase. flowers, chickens, eggs, bunnies, baking, microsoft word, pinterest, have been a busy lady! thanks for the early am chuckle. I will need it today.

rayfamily said...

Oh yum!! That looks fantastic! Are you posting the recipe? Goodness, no Chocolate chips in Denmark?? Want me to send you a care package? This seems to be the year of the multiplying animals...for us chicks, bunnies & bees And maybe a heritage pig!! Have a great weekend!

Veronica Roth said...

My mother, who is 78million yrs old, just bought a Mac she can’t understand or handle. In the spirit of only child-ness I’m learning to work with the bloody thing in order to teach her...
...but I’m starting to like it

Sarah Anne said...

No chocolate chips? Mind blown. I like the idea of the candy bar! I might try that here even though we do have chocolate chips. :)

Anonymous said...

that cake looks yum. i have to try it... i have to say that i am surprised you dont get chocolate chips. i thought we were the only place on earth that didnt get them :)