Friday, April 13, 2012

on waking up with a headache and not having it ruin your day

i woke up with a headache.
outside there was a steady, grey drizzle.

you'd think that would make a girl want to bury her head under the covers.

and it did.

but the animals were depending on me.
so i went outside.
and tho' it was raining, the air was FULL of birdsong.
and it was quite warm. and still.
and beautiful.

the chickens clucked a greeting and got busy pecking around for tasty morsels.
the bunnies stood on their little back legs to say hello.
the horses nickered good morning.

and my headache began to fade.
and i knew it would be a good day after all.

* * *

if you read nothing else today, read this. lidewij edelkoort is more than just a trend forecaster, she's one smart, thoughtful woman. take what she says about politics today:

The word "intellectual" was coined in a time of great political distress. Does fashion have a political role? And in which way?

It might. It should. It would, if politics mattered. The current disapproval of what politics are makes it pretty difficult to discuss. What we discuss today is the need for another political engagement and another political possibility. We need first to admit the end of this era, and start reflecting about the new one. Fashion could do that. It does it in the sense that it reflects on what is regional. I believe that the regional is going to be a major influence in coming politics.

while i'm not certain i find comfort in that statement (look what regionalism did in the balkans), it is definitely food for thought.

* * *

happy weekend, one and all.


celkalee said...

I woke up with a splitter this morning too, at first I thought it was all that thinking about happiness. I tend to categorize emotions, compartmentalize, so to speak. It is a coping mechanism and therefore internal. I don't know.

Does fashion have a political role? I don't necessarily agree but I do think fashion is a reflection of politics and society.
Trends of throw away clothing produced in sweatshops in off-shore labor mills does indeed define a class system where fashion indirectly influences politics. This is too much thinking with a headache!

Have a lovely, peaceful, happy weekend.

will said...

I woke up and nothing had changed except I couldn't find the socks I was wearing last night.

As for fashion making a difference, I say this: Bathing and clean underwear are a must.

About politics: Do we want messy democracy or corporate CEOs running things? That's the state we are currently in.