Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i'm always getting lost in my book

love this but he's so cranky it's making me cranky

i am often completely swallowed up and absorbed by what i read. i start wanting to spend time down a well when i'm reading murakami. i feel manic and a bit feverish and like offing my landlady (thankfully i do not have a landlady) when i'm reading dostoevsky. i want to dress in coarse brown robes and brew up some healing tinctures when i'm reading cadfael. madam bovary makes me want to have a passionate affair. and anna karenina gives me thoughts of throwing myself under a train.

my sister remarked yesterday that i was very negative and it was true, i spent a lot of yesterday in a negative state of mind - fretting about facebook's acquisition of instagram (that can't bode well), the republican primaries (not much positive there aside from the new nickname "mittens" i learned for mitt romney), the byzantine 1950s cave man attitudes towards women evident in a lot of places all of a sudden.  there was a lot to be pissy about. but really, i blame anthony bourdain.

i'm reading his medium raw: a bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook. i've long admired his food/travel/adventure program on the travel channel. it seems to me that this guy has the best job in the world. he gets to go wherever he wants, eat everything in sight, drink copious amounts and say whatever the hell he wants about it in a humorous, witty and sardonic way. sounds ideal to me. but tho' he's got a razor sharp wit, he is just a weency bit negative. and it's rubbing off on me. and ironic negativity for comic effect? count me in. but i fear it's making me not very much fun to be around.

i've only got about 20 pages left, so it will be over soon. i think my family and my facebook friends will be glad of that.

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and in the meantime, these texts from hillary will cheer you right up. 

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celkalee said...

Being lost in the book is the greater part of the read, to me. However, please know that despite his witty and sarcastic style, Mr. Bourdain is a money grubbing *insert expletive*. Last year he "toured" here for a library fundraiser. He was late, rude, contentious and boring. Yes boring. He made fun of some lovely people for being stupid enough to be fans! Good money down the rabbit hole, so to speak. You could never absorb all that negativity.