Tuesday, April 03, 2012

pinspiration process

a bit of the process on pinspiration no. 1 - the advantage of having an old, crappy house, cobbled together with string and tape, is that you don't mind writing on the wall, so i started by sketching out the letters for CREATE.

next, i used half a box of husband's little tiny nails and banged them into the wall. luckily it was some kind of gypsum/papiermache wall material and not a brick wall, so it was time-consuming, but relatively easy.

i held the nails in my mouth, which rather alarmed the child. and i did, myself, have several rather vivid visions of accidentally inhaling one or more of them and having to drive myself to the doctor.  i managed, despite a cold and stuffed-up nose, not to.

we raided the yarn stash (i let sabin pick the colors - rainbow, of course) and wove the yarn around the nails until we thought it looked right.

sabin wasn't very patient about it, she wanted to be done NOW, NOW, NOW and wanted to hear none of it, when i pointed out that it as also about enjoying the process. she wants results. fast results. oh, and in this shot, you can see pinspiration no. 2 - sabin's dotty nails! - inspired by this pin. i even made a little dotting tool by sticking a pin in an eraser.

we left long tails, not sure what we would do with them. i kind of liked them just hanging down, a bit like dripping paint, but sabin wanted them swept up to the side. i have to agree, it did look better.  and again, for reference, here's the pin that inspired our morning project.

we've got a little diffuser of clary sage going in the making room and sabin said, "mom, it smells just like your blue room." scent memory is a wonderful thing and clary sage definitely stimulates creativity. back later with today's products of pinspiration.


Jody Pearl said...

Love it (yours is better) - I live in a crappy old house too


which wall?!

Unknown said...

that's is very cool and I much prefer your version. Hope it inspires you every day!

Anonymous said...

Coolness. Very good use of crappy walls.

Elizabeth said...

It looks great. Hurry for the old house!!!!